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Hi friends!
My name is Carlos Mari­a Castelao Bravo. Im from Buenos Aires, Argentina. im 30 years old.
I apologize for my english but my language is the spanish.
I will realize a instructive about Homer Simpson (Donut Head) with "cold porcelain" (similar play doh) but It hardens with the air.
I wish that the images are explanatory.

Step 1: I Take a Little Piece.

Picture of I Take a Little Piece.

I take a little piece and I knead it to soften it.

Step 2: To Create!

Picture of To Create!

I add tempera paint and I mix them

Step 3: Making Forms

Picture of Making Forms

Mix and take a a small piece.

Step 4: Finishing the Eyes

Picture of  Finishing the Eyes

I knead a little piece with a acrylic (it allows to see through) and cut pieces of equal measurement.
I knead again forming a ball and finiched with my fingers.
I dry the Homer´s eyes.

Step 5: Forming Colors

Picture of Forming Colors

we repeated the first step with other colors (Homer`s head)

Step 6: Head

Picture of Head

Form a ball and push with acrylic (look a image)

Step 7: Finalizing the Head

Picture of Finalizing the Head

With a cylinder cut center of donut and with other cylinder smallest form the pieces cleared by Homer.

Step 8: Great!

Picture of Great!

Inserted the eyes in the head
I create a small ball and I make the ears. With a cylinder i create the nose.

Step 9: Beard

Picture of Beard

I knead a small brown piece and with the aid of the fingers I make the beard
Insert the beard in the head

Step 10: Finalizing to Homer

Picture of Finalizing to Homer

I draw the eyes with a little brush.
I cut a narrow wire and form the hair.
I insert the hair on the head.
I paint the hair

Step 11: Here Is......Homero Simpson!!!!!

Picture of Here Is......Homero Simpson!!!!!

A homero´s photo accompanies to me during the work.
If it inserted desire a piece of chain and I create a key ring

Please they excuse my English.
From Buenos Aires, Argentina
Carlos Castelao

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LeoWorks (author)2015-06-04


mary candy (author)2011-06-24

so sweet this Homer ;)

tool box (author)2011-01-22

que bueno que hayan algunos argentinos

al_fl (author)2010-11-29

Its Called Cold porcelain.

eulaliaaaa! (author)2010-10-27

Don't you mean a "DOH!"nut head?

Amorina (author)2010-04-05

I know this instructions are a bit old, but I found it just now. Just in case anyone wants to try it, following the link you can find a couple recipes for the "cold porcelain" clay in English.

benvandam (author)2007-10-08

What is the name of the clay you use? Can you sand it? Paint it? Excellent work btw.

Ciber1977 (author)WurdBendur2010-02-20

Yes. exactly

Ciber1977 (author)benvandam2007-10-08

The name of the clay is porcelana fria (in spanish). I dont know tha name in English: is similar to "play doh" or "plastilina" but it hardens. You can sandt it and paint it with every paint. greetings from Argentina.

I am Evil Homer! (author)2008-08-05

Cool! Can you make an evil homer head?

drummonkey92 (author)2008-06-24

very nice! su inglés es muy bueno si su lengua materna es española - Joe (in Wales)

Camisado (author)2008-06-24

To all Simpson lovers: Join my group, The Simpsons! It's an awesome group dedicated to the show!

NachoMahma (author)2007-12-21

. Excellent work - both the figurine and the iBle.

Megax29 (author)2007-10-11

lol was it just me or did the white play dough on the glass remind you of something else

Ciber1977 (author)Megax292007-10-15


Kaiven (author)Ciber19772007-12-18

bird poo

miniappleton (author)Megax292007-11-05

bwahaha, very well... obsereved? :P

duck-lemon (author)2007-10-08

awesome easy 2 understand and nice detail

Ciber1977 (author)duck-lemon2007-10-11

Thanks friend! :)

lennin001 (author)2007-10-11

podrias poner tambien en español y dar minimo la lista de los materiales que estas utilizando gracias Lennin Monterrey, Mexico

Ciber1977 (author)lennin0012007-10-11

Si amigo: ya lo hice
entra aca
[ Tutorial]
saludos espero que sirva

gmoon (author)2007-10-08

Homer's cool, Carlos! Nice job. The only thing I'd add--use the 'text box' option for pictures. Click and drag your mouse over the pic, and a little text box will pop up. Add some text tip there to detail your techniques. When a viewer moves their mouse over the yellow box (you made by dragging), the note will pop up. I've always thought this was one of the coolest things about the instructables interface... You can add more than one to a picture, too. You don't need to be in 'edit' mode, just logged in to do this (at least with Firefox.)

Ciber1977 (author)gmoon2007-10-08

Thank you very much! This is my first post in this site. thanks for its advice: very gentile.

technick29 (author)2007-10-08

Awesome job!

Ciber1977 (author)technick292007-10-08

Thanks! youre welcome! :)

Gnome (author)2007-10-08

Hola!! Soy the Barcelona y he visto su instructable. La verdad es que esta muy bien!! Hasta lo podria vender. Saludos desde America.

Ciber1977 (author)Gnome2007-10-08

Gracias Gnome! Si lo podes vender alla avisame! jajaja! un abrazo desde argentina

its a lion (author)2007-10-07

very nice, that homer is great. your english is quite good. i have seen native english speakers that i have no idea what they are trying to say. i had no problems understanding yours.

Ciber1977 (author)its a lion2007-10-08

Thank you for your words :)

dsman195276 (author)2007-10-07

so cool!!!! i need to make one. it will finaly end my hunger isues. lol

Ciber1977 (author)dsman1952762007-10-07

Thanks friend! What nacionality are you? if you realize one, send me pictures! thans from Argentina carlos

dsman195276 (author)Ciber19772007-10-07

i am american

Ciber1977 (author)dsman1952762007-10-07

nice to meet you: im argentine

dsman195276 (author)Ciber19772007-10-07

nice to meet you to

Ramnosity (author)2007-10-07

Good instructable. Your english really isn't bad. I had no problem understanding.

Ciber1977 (author)Ramnosity2007-10-07

Thanks friend! :D

jessyratfink (author)2007-10-07

Homer is very cute! You did a really great job explaining the steps with pictures. :)

Ciber1977 (author)jessyratfink2007-10-07

Thank you very much, Jessy! You are very sweet. :)

Weissensteinburg (author)2007-10-07

You are an amazing artist. Well done.

Thank you very much! Where you from?

I'm from Florida (US)

thanks friend: im argentine

Very Spanish is your first language then?

Yes. Sorry for my english. I wish that you understand to me. :)

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