Instructables loves homeschoolers! And homeschoolers love Instructables!
In the spirit of DIY education and home-brew learning, here are some great do-it-at-home science projects.

Understanding Hydroponics style
This instructable will explain household hydroponics, with the intention of growing edible flora. In layman's terms, hydroponics is the science of growing plants without soil-- although the plants ma...
SinkScience with the Tesla CD Turbine style
For this Instructable, I have tamed the wild beast "PumpkinCutter" CD Turbine of the last Instructable and made it into a docile, smooth and safe kitchen tool that runs on water faucet pressure! Basi...
The Science of DNA! style
DNA, or Deoxyribonucleic acid is its full name, is the the genetic make up of an organism. The DNA reveals how an organism will function and develop and this is why it is sometimes called a persons bl...
The Penny Battery style
This is a derivation of brenn10's battery based on a comment by westfw, mainly because I wanted to see if it would work. Either watch a lame video, of continue reading.
6 Cent LED Throwie style
Make an LED Throwie for 6 (six) cents - it's the cheapest Throwie ever! LED Throwies are popular contraptions made of a battery, an LED, and a magnet all taped together. This version does not include...
Let's go green! Build a Solar Powered Parabolic Cooker! style
Let's face it, energy is expensive. Gas, electricity, whatever. So why pay to cook your food? The challenge I gave myself, was to cook a hot dog, without spending any money at all. No electricity, no ...
Giant Fresnel Lens Deathray: An Experiment in Optics style
So you don't have access to your own rail gun or military space laser....but never fear, we'll use the 1000 Watts/m2 of free sunlight in your backyard! But how?....A 13 square foot magnifying glass!Se...
How to make your own Bunsen Burner. style
Now you can convert your stove into a cool Bunsen Burner.
Freestanding Whiteboard style
There are a bunch of really nice DIY whiteboard designs on Instructables, and I thought a nice compliment to them would be a simple, inexpensive, freestanding whiteboard that could be made with readil...