Homespun Covered Bridge 48-Hour Afghan


Introduction: Homespun Covered Bridge 48-Hour Afghan

I chose a pattern from the leaflet 48-Hour Afghans 48-Hour Afghans. Since Homespun yarn frays easily, fringe isn't a good choice for afghans crochetd with this soft yarn. For this afghan's border edges, I decided to crochet two rows of single crochets and then add 16 chain stitches into each single crochet. Thus, a fringe-look was achieved without fraying the yarn.

The Homespun yarn color is covered bridge. White yarn is spun throughout the pink-red colored yarn.



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    This is gorgeous! I would also love to have a copy of your pattern please. Thank you!

    Beautiful! I would love a copy of your pattern, if I could. Thank you!

    I am learning how to crochet and would love this pattern to make one for my husband. I want to use it with homespun fiesta yarn and think this would go great with it.

    Love this afghan. Would love to have the pattern.

    I fell in love with this beautiful piece of work and I would love the pattern and also what size hook did you use? I love Homespun Yarn and really hate to use worsted weight. In a Leisure art book I found one that I liked but the book was too expensive. Yours would work much better for my granddaughter for Christmas! Thank you.

    this is so pretty I would love to have the pattern.

    Would also love this pattern

    Happy to hear that. It is really an easy pattern. One that can be memorized and you just go from there. Good luck and enjoy your afghan.


    Gorgeous color and beautiful workmanship. It fairly glows in the snowy setting!

    I have also found that Homespun fringes fray easily and had given up making the fringes on garments knitted in this. Your tip on how to make a "fake" fringe is great. Although not a great crochetter, I can just about manage the chains that you mentioned. Thanks for a very good idea.

    Looks cozy. How do you wear it? I don't really know what a 'Covered Bridge' is.

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    It is an afghan. The Homespun yarn color is covered bridge.

    Great job, looks great on that chair! The color was a great choice. And the background is nice, I love snow. :-)