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Introduction: Homework Writing Machine

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Hi guys , As per the title this is a simple project using Arduino to make Homework writing machine at your home.This machine can draw any design and write any type of fonts.You can see sharpness and perfection of writing in photos.

The machine uses a gantry to move the writing tip along the X and Y axes. The flexible-nib pen is mounted on a servo motor which rotates the tip onto the writing surface, taking care of the third axis.


Tools To Be Used :

  • Screw Driver
  • Computer / Laptop

Software For Writing :

Material To Be Used:

Step 1: Watch Youtube Video of Making Writing Machine

Here is full video of how writing machine is work on surface.If You Like This Project Please Press The Like Button.

Step 2: Disassemble DVD Writers.

First of all you need 2 DVD writers of your CPU.You can use non workable DVD writer for this project.

Take 2 DVD writers and open 5 screw on bottom of this DVD writer.
Then open bottom case of DVD writer and disconnect all circuit.

Then open Top case of DVD writer.

Step 3: Disassemble All Parts.

After this you see rectangle part of DVD writer with stepper motor on back side.
Open 2 screw on this Rectangle and remove this rectangle outside.

Repeat this process for 2nd DVD writer.

After this you have two PCs of Rectangle Part (AS per 2nd Pic.)

Step 4: Unscrew Stepper Motor

Open one screw on sliding shaft and 2 screw on stepper motor.

Disassemble stepper motor and sliding parts from one rectangle.

Remove all circuit of sliding part and cut middle part of this sliding part.

Now you have 2 PCs of plastic part.Combine both plastic object and stick with FeviQuik.

Step 5: Connection of Stepper Motor

Take female header pin (4 pin) as a picture.

Connect two stepper motor with this 4 pin female header as show in picture(In the same line).

Step 6: Make X - Axes Gantry.

Take Sunboard sheet of 10 cm length and 9 cm width.

Take other sunboard sheet and cut this type of object.

1) 3 x ( 1cm x 10cm) combine with glue.

2) 3 x ( 1cm x 10cm) combine with glue.

3) 3 x ( 1cm x 5 cm ) combine with glue.

Stick 1st part on left side of 9x10cm sunboard sheet and 2nd part on right side of 9x10cm sunboard sheet.

Place shifting part on this sunboard sheet along X axes.

And your X axes Gantry is ready.

Sick 3rd part Parallel to shifting shaft and Stick Stepper motor with X axes Gantry.

Step 7: Connect With Y - Axes Gantry.

Take Glue(Fevibond) and apply on Y axes gantry(2nd DVD writer Stepper motor Rectangle Frame).

Take X axes gantry and stick X axes on Y axes Gantry.

Your X and Y axes Gantry are Ready.

Now Your Pen can move along XY Horizontal surface.

Now you have to create Z axes (vertical) movement of Pen using servo motor.

Step 8: Connect Servo Motor.

Take glue gun and apply on X axes gantry as per picture.

Stick servo motor on X axes gantry as per Pic(Shaft of servo motor should be outside)

Step 9: Flexible-nib Pen Making

1.Open your pen.

2.Cut top end of refill.(1 cm)

3.Take spring of any other pen.

4.Mount this Spring on top end of refill.(As Per Pic.)

5.Take some length of sewing thread and bind this thread on refill.(As Per Pic.)

6.Make hole on pen case and close this pen as per last pic.

The flexible-nib pen is Ready.

Step 10: Connect Pen

Take glue gun and apply on servo motor bigger side of shaft.

The flexible-nib pen is mounted on a servo motor which
rotates the tip onto the writing surface.

Bind Thread on servo motor shaft as per pic.

Step 11: Take All Circuit

Ready your all circuit.
1) 2 PCs A4988 Stepper Motor Driver with heat sink

2)Expansion Board A4988 Driver

3)Arduino Uno R3

First of all take hit sink and stick on A4988 stepper motor Driver.

2 PCs A4988 Stepper Motor Driver connect on Expansion Board A4988 Driver module. Then this combination connect on Arduino Uno R3 (As per circuit Diagram).

Step 12: Wiring

Place 12 Volt DC Battery on Back side of XY axes Gantry.

Place Combination of all circuit (2 PCs A4988 Stepper Motor Driver with heat sink , Expansion Board A4988 Driver , Arduino Uno R3) On Back side of this 12 volt battery.

Connect 12 volt dc battery as positive(+) and negative(-) connector.

Connect X and Y axes Stepper motor on Expansion Board A4988 Driver as per circuit diagram.

Connect servo motor as per circuit diagram.

Step 13: Benbox Softwer Configuration.

Download benbox software on your computer and connect this with USB connector.

1. Open Software.

2. Connect USB Plug.

3. On Update Firmware select COM (3,4 OR 5). and browse firmware from downloaded software.

4. Select all Value of software as per all pic.

#First Page

Serial Port : COM(3,4 or 5)

Pen Up : 35

Pen Down : 22

Speed : 800(you can increase)

Time : 200

Step: 1

Curve mode : Outline

Select bullet : Curve

Select bullet : Servo

#Second Page

Step : x=2 y=3

Dir : x=5 y=6

Min : x=-1 y=-1

Max : x=-1 y=-1

Ppm : x=320 y=320

laser : 0=12 1=12

Servo : 0=11 0=12

Feed Ra. : 1500

5.Write anything on Screen And Play to write on book.

Watch My YouTube Video If You Like My Instructables.

Step 14: Watch This on Youtube.


Step 15: Any Error !

If you have any questions about this project please comment in comment section.If you made this writing machine and any error during writing please attach your writing machine pictures.I will reply very soon.




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I've got it all working, great tutorial. However the motor makes a high pitched noise when turning on the battery and the motors run very hot within 1 minute. Is there a way to fix the overheating?

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Servo s not working please help I've constructed the circuit as shown by u

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Will it work if I build the same thing but bigger in size to cover a large area like 30cm X 30cm.

The Software BenBox is giving some problems! In The Place of COM4, There is a message Nothing Selected. Please Help

i want to buy all the equipments mentioned above could you please share the address?

yes i can provide you all those things.

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The servo motor doesn't rotate. And it seems you have intentionally published a hazy photo of the connection diagram. The servo connection is not at all visible.

When the jumpers are connected I only hear high frequency noise from the motors and they do not rotate. It smells like heated metal and the motors become hot. So, I am doing without the jumpers connected. Why are the jumpers required? Will it work without the jumpers?

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it is showing like this what to do..help me out


Install a new driver and also Google 7zip.Download it n run it.then try updating the firmware again..!!

when u connect the arduino.. chk the port in tools menu.. then when u open benbox on top there is flag click it it will show the languages chose en. english.. then when u update there should b same port as arduino ie port 4 5 ... then cjose the firmware that is laser .h.. and click.. it should come with green tick instead read x mark..

I made this machine but when i draw a shape like circle its draw like oval y axis little slow how to fix

Sir Project is excellent.
I wanna where can i find the Arduino code.

Hi really loved ur project how u build it with very few materials and very simple circuit.
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