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This is a honey bee box I made for a friend. It has interlocking joints that were created using a Rhino/Grasshopper script. I decided to spice it up a little bit and give the box some personality.

The goal was to laser etch/cut the exterior of the box, and then build the interior honey frames by hand.

Step 1: Inspiration

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My friend's farm is called "Lulu's Garden". I took her farm logo, and then mashed it up with the JD honey whiskey label. This served as the main inspiration for the box graphics. One side of the JD label has alot of text. Instead of leaving this side of the box blank I added the lyrics from Tom Petty's song "Honeybee."

Step 2: Designing in Illustrator

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Using Illustrator and AutoCAD I designed the box. There are actually two boxes; one for the bees to live in and one where they make honey. The one for honey is the one with the Jack Daniels graphics. The other was covered with a honeycomb pattern.

Step 3: Rhino/GH Script for Interlocking Joints

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I spent a number of hours researching different ways to create interlocking joints using Grasshopper. In the end my friend and fellow Grasshopper fanatic Jo Kamm helped me out with a script he had made for similar projects.

Step 4: Laser Cutting the Box

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The box was laser cut at a local Community College in KCMO. In the future I will definitely need to be more conscious of overlapping lines that cause extra printing time. Otherwise everything came out nicely.

Step 5: Assembled Honey Bee Box!

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The design came out great! The joints locked perfectly and all the graphics were legible. Unfortunately it was so nice that the farm I gave it to didn't want to use it for honey cultivation. They plan to use it instead for displaying the honey at local farmer's markets.


michaelhein (author)2014-10-10


May I ask, why you uploaded this project?

I mean, you didn't upload something to share, but only a showcase of how good you are and it is a nice project, but you should share or keep it for you self.

I would love to make one for my granddaughter, but I can't unless you also upload the scripts, please please

rbnvzqz (author)michaelhein2015-09-07

Free download


michaelhein (author)rbnvzqz2015-09-07

Thanks. I found other places where I could do "Taps boxes" and, by the way, a add-in to Inkscape, but thanks I appreciate it;-)

rbnvzqz (author)2015-09-07

Please give credits to

Free download- Please share.

michaelhein (author)2014-10-07


Very beautiful boxs and I know, that my grand daughter would loves those for her dolls and other stuff ;-).

Is it possible to reuse the Rhino scripts for interlocking joint and if yes, could you then upload them?

Errr ..... Yes. Can we have the scripts please?

rbnvzqz (author)Tecwyn Twmffat2015-09-07


Here's the original definition for free download & sharing.


I could use your process directly in my hive design:

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-10-05

Hey, creating a display to sell products is hugely important especially to small business! But I can understand if you had a purpose in mind. It looks awesome, and so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

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