Honey Bee Syrup





Introduction: Honey Bee Syrup

Wanting to do everything I can to help out my Honey Bees I started to make my own syrup for both my hives.

Step 1: Slow Cooking Goodness

So I turn on my slow cooker to low. I use an old coffee pot to measure things out with. I put 16 cups of sugar and 8 cups off water into the slow cooker. Start to mix everything slow until all the sugar can't be seen. I then went out side and saw what the honey bees and bumble bees where really interested in for pollen. I got some dandy lions, buttercups, blackberry flowers, and a few other ones. I put those in the slow cooker and mixed all that into the sugar water. Took my time with this to not burn any of it. 40 minutes later it was ready and done. Next time though I plan to add a bit of honey.

Step 2: Done Good

This is the end product and they love it.



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    Excellent! Thank you for tending honey bees. :)

    This is interesting. Where do you put the syrup? Is it shallow? Does this nourish them or help produce honey? I only make sugar water for humming birds!

    I have an inner feeder at the moment, but going in to winter I will be putting a top box feeder on both my hives.

    one takes away the (expensive, costwhise) honey, one have to offer (cheaper, costwhise) replacement or the bees will starve (most likely to death).

    For sure on that. I feel the same. I leave the honey straight up for them. I beekeep only to keep. Its one of the most enjoying/relaxing thing I have ever done in my life.

    Feeding them this for now will keep them from using the honey that they are making. These hives I have are new and growing very well. I want for them to be well stocked come fall and winter. All i am doing in being a beekeeper is just that, keeping bees. I am not doing it for the honey. I just want to help and keep them going.

    I have a deep feeder inside my hives right now have have ladders for them to go up and down. I also put larger flowers in the tubes for them to stand on if need be. As they feed more and more, the level drops.

    I believe this qualifies for the wildlife contest!

    Its in the wild life contest as well