Introduction: Honey-Chocolate Heaven

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This Smoothie was inspired by a Honey-Chocolate Pie my Mom makes. The Pie recipe was a Grand Prize Winner back in the 1960's and it has the most wonderful taste!  

The ingredients in this Smoothie may surprise you, but the unique flavors will surely delight you! 

Step 1: Ingredients You'll Need:

Picture of Ingredients You'll Need:

FIRST... If you want to create a fun sugar-chocolate rimmed Glass, you'll need:
  • A bowl filled with a small amount of water
  • A bowl filled up 1/2" with powdered Sugar
  • Magic Shell Instant Freeze Chocolate Sauce 
For the Honey-Chocolate Smoothie, you'll need:
  •  1/2 Box of Chocolate Ice Cream- well-frozen. Just cut the entire box in half and remove the Ice Cream onto a plate and cut it  into smaller chunks.
  •  1/2 Cup Sour Cream plus 2 T for the frozen Sour Cream garnish.
  •  1/2 Cup Half & Half or Milk
  •  1/2 Cup Honey
  •  1/4 teaspoon Almond Extract

Step 2: Sour Cream Garnish

Picture of Sour Cream Garnish

Much to my delight, I discovered Sour cream freezes great!

Blend 1 heaping Tablespoon of Sour cream with 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar.  Stir it up and spoon into a baggie.  Snip off the corner and pipe it onto a piece of wax paper.

Place in the freezer.  You'll use it to garnish the Honey-Chocolate Smoothie.

Step 3: Blinging the Glass.

Picture of Blinging the Glass.

Dip your glass into the bowl of water and then into the powdered sugar.  

Dip it into the water again (quickly) and then into the sugar again. For once, double-dipping is perfectly acceptable and desirable! ;-)

Put your glass into the freezer for several minutes.

The spout of the Magic Shell is pretty big, so I suggest you shake it well and transfer it to a squeeze bottle with a much smaller spout as pictured.

Once it's frosty-frozen,  take the glass out of the freezer and drip/drizzle some Magic Shell Chocolate around the rim. Since your glass is frozen, the Magic Shell Chocolate won't travel far and make a mess.

Freeze again until your Smoothie is ready to be served.

Step 4: Blend, Garnish and Serve

Picture of Blend, Garnish and Serve

Put the Sour Cream into the blender first.

Add the Almond Extract, Chocolate Ice Cream chunks and cover with Honey.

Pour the half & half over the top. and blend on med speed until all ingredients are well mixed.  If the Smoothie is too thick, you can add more cream/milk or just turn the speed up and blend longer.  Higher speed creates heat from energy.  

Once the desired consistency is achieved, pour the Smoothie into your beautifully-blinged Glasses, top with the frozen Sour cream-Sugar garnish and drizzle with a little honey...



onrust (author)2011-09-27

looks to good to eat..... almost!

EpicZombie (author)2011-07-02

Amazing! But switch the sour cream with whipping cream and put less honey in and it tastes really good!

vishalapr (author)2011-06-01

Amazing definitely gonna vote for this when the contest voting period starts.

eulaliaaaa! (author)2011-05-27

O-M-freaking-G! That looks amazing! Great Work!

mary candy (author)2011-05-24

Sure 5 *****

bajablue (author)mary candy2011-05-25

QQQQQQQQQQ to you, too, mary candy!

wilgubeast (author)2011-05-24

That looks delicious. Honey-Chocolate Heaven-ly. I especially like the look of the blinged out glass.

bajablue (author)wilgubeast2011-05-25

QQQQQQQQQQ (Ten Q= Thank You;-)

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