Honey Hollow Bead





Introduction: Honey Hollow Bead

This bead was made using a hollow mandrel, dichroic glass, and Tink dust. It's very pretty in person, a nice shape, and the hollowness means the light reflects inside of it.

To see the basic process of making beads, see my TV show at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBCU8UuHNPI.



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    I used to love the show That's Cleaver! Is that show even on anymore? I miss it. I even loved it when it was called Crafters Coast to Coast. Whoa O_O. That's so cool that you were on there! Love this bead. Absolutely beautiful!

    Thank you! What a great username. Did you check out my website, http://www.aspiring-arts.com.?

    I did. I think it's awesome, especially that a portion of it went into charity work. Your glass work is amazing. I tried my attempt at glass beads for the first time a year or so ago and, well, I burnt my white. Hahaha. It was a fun experience though. Thank you for the comment about my user name! A friend of mine was trying to come up with a nickname for me and combined the fact that I'm part Japanese with the fact that Godzilla came from Japan. Lol. And it just kind of stuck.

    You were featured on tv that is awesome!