Picture of Honey Oat Face Mask
Looking around, I've found recipes for homemade facials, often using honey and oats. The problem with the basic ones, to me, is that I don't like having bits of oats all over my face, and how messy that makes the process. So I've made my own version, still pretty simple. This has a consistency much closer to a normal face cream.

Sorry there are no pictures, I took some with my phone but I don't have the cord, so that was really no help.
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
  • Oats - quick oats probably work the best, as the oaty goodness can diffuse out more quickly than less processed oats. Oats are pretty common in skin care, I forget the specifics on giving you softer skin, etc.
  • Honey - this adds stickiness which helps it stay on your face. Honey is also antibacterial (so it should combat acne a bit), and is supposed to help the healing process (should help with dry skin, cuts and irritations, I would think).
  • Water. 
This takes a bit of time, but it doesn't involve too much time actually working on it.

Step 2: Soak the Oats

Picture of Soak the Oats
I used one packet of oatmeal (individual serving size) and a bit more water than needed to cover the oats. Let this sit for a few hours. The oats will swell up, and the water will become opaque and beige.

Step 3: Strain the Oats

I used a clean dish cloth that has little holes in it. Cheese cloth would be better but I've never owned any; a metal mesh strainer would also work. Pour your mixture through the cloth into another bowl. Gather it up and squeeze out as much liquid as possible - the stuff that is hardest to get out is also the best, least watery.
The first time I did it I messed up on draining it and waiting I barely drained it so it ended up all soggy but I still tried to put it on my face... FAIL but either way it would have worked much better if I listened to you but now my face is soft and I`m munching on some oats and honey thanks