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First of all, I want to say sorry if my English is not good. It is because I’m not an American or English. And this is my first instructable.

Okay, let’s we talk about my instructable. This is what I called Honey Comb Cardboard. It can be rack, ornament, or etc.

Step 1: Prepare the Tools

Picture of Prepare the Tools
  1. Cutter blade
  2. pencil
  3. stainless steel ruler
  4. insulating tape
  5. wood glue + a cup
  6. paint brush, not for paint but for glue.
For the economization, I mixed the glue with water. The ratio was about 1:3.
1 for water and 3 for the glue.

Step 2: Prepare the Concept

Picture of Prepare the Concept

I draw the concept.

Step 3: Prepare the Cardboard

Picture of Prepare the Cardboard

In this instructable, I spent around 20 pieces of cardboard, either 2 layers or 1 layer.
I used 2 kind of cardboard. For the frame, I used 2 layers cardboard, and this is one of the secret of the rack's strength. And for the surfaces, I used 1 layer cardboard.

The surface that receives the most of weight must be counter direction of the cardboard fabric.
After that, cut the other framework. For the frame, I doubled the cardboard.

Step 4: Bond All of the Frame

Picture of Bond All of the Frame

Please note this: Arrange the frames carefully. Keep maintain the form. After finished bond all of the frame, I covered all of the surfaces with the 1 layer cardboard. And gave the tape on all of the corner.

In this instructable, I finished 5 hexagons and arranged them into (like) honey comb.

Step 5: Finishing

Picture of Finishing

For the aesthetics, I painted the honey comb with the enamel paint. But, because I didn’t have enough money to buy a compressor and the paint spray tool, so I used the mosquito essence sprayer to spray the paint.. J

Step 6: The Result

Picture of The Result

And…. Here is the result… I hanged it in my room.

The question is…… Can I sell it?? J.  (Thanks for post your comment(s)).


SyamsulN (author)2015-12-12

Cool aka keren question :sometimes when we want to make a project with larger surface we dont have a single material that fit enough...any solution,mas gan?

vickyadrian (author)SyamsulN2016-01-02

Thank you Gan SyamsulN. Merdeka... :)
For the larger surface I think we can use MDF board for the surfaces. Or, because this cardboard furniture is not a new method, maybe we can buy xanita board or we can make the board using xanita board system. Here is the example that i ever made:

vickyadrian (author)2015-09-07

Thank's all.. This is my honeycomb after 5 years usage. Still strong and sturdy, it seems that i can use it for more years... :)

AlinesCardboard (author)2015-03-29

Great project!

christy.ray.148 (author)2014-12-09

exsactly what i needed for a shelf! LOVE IT!

nick003 (author)2014-05-28

Awesome I will definitely build it.

iwanbanyuputih (author)2012-11-01

sangat kreatif mas,i have no idea how to say in english,hahaha,but i just want to say "lanjutkan" :) , this is must be like my experience in kost-kostan in semarang,cardboard but with square form,kaku,not unique like your card board,i think you should be a contestant of djarum black innovation mas,hehe(campur aduk),keren pokokna mah.......

Haha.. Matur nuwun Mas Iwan, Thank u very much. :D
Waduh, kalo ikut dja**m black innovation award bisa ranking buncit nanti saya Mas. :D

Let's Mas Iwan, we build/make something, i believe u can and more creative than me. :D

nsaenagy (author)2011-04-07


vickyadrian (author)nsaenagy2011-04-07

Thank you Nsaenagy.

vtpa (author)2010-12-05

Good job!

How did you to place it on the wall?

vickyadrian (author)vtpa2010-12-10

Thank you...
I hanged it by adding a pair of angle bar. Maybe next time I can take the picture (angle bar that I used) for you.

vtpa (author)vickyadrian2010-12-12

Ok, thank you!

knektek (author)2010-03-08

well. this could be improved, the colour scheme could be better, perhaps with opposite colours on the colour wheel (like red and green).

knektek (author)knektek2010-03-08

and mayby a steel outline on the frame.

vickyadrian (author)knektek2010-03-09

Thank you for your suggestion. Maybe it's very helpful for my next project.  :)

FrozenStar (author)2010-01-15

Pretty cool, maybe you could make yellow, cushioned, hexagonal chairs like this.

But i guess you would need to use wood to support weight...

vickyadrian (author)FrozenStar2010-01-15

Thank you. I agree with you...

realanthillkit (author)2010-01-15

You speak(write) English better than many Americans!

Wow... Thank you. You make me shy.

deusXmchna (author)2010-01-14

Any idea how much weight the top of a 'cell' can hold without collapsing?

vickyadrian (author)deusXmchna2010-01-15

Mm... I'm not sure. But I had tried once, I put lot of thick and heavy books, and the shelves still OK. So, I think it's strong enough for 5 - 10 kilos.
And it more strong when you still put it on the ground.

jburchet (author)2010-01-14

Bravo vickyadrian

Do you know how many hours it took you?

vickyadrian (author)jburchet2010-01-15

Thank you..  Bravo to you too.

Do you mean how long I did this? I'm sorry, but your counter was wrong, it's not in hours. It took me more longer time.
Because I did this in my spare time, I finished it in 2 months.
(Maybe if I did this more seriously I would be able to finish it in less than a month).

NitroRustlerDriver (author)2010-01-14

 To make these even stronger, before you cover the outside frame with cardboard, you could fill the cavities in the frame with expanding foam. Then just trim any excess off and cover the outside. They would be almost solid, but still light weight. Only really needs it though if you are putting heavy things on it.

Thanks for your suggestion. I think that's really really good idea.

Thank you....

 Great idea

simplebeep (author)2010-01-14

Clever construction! I like the crossbeam-and-cover system.
This inspires me to make a home server box for some reason...

dweeb_girlie (author)2010-01-14

 thanks for the instructable! I usually have lots cardboard around where I live and needed  needed a new bokcase, so this was perfect for me.

thefiftyfootwoman (author)2010-01-07

It took me a couple of minutes to get what you had done at step 4, but now I do.  Amazing!  Is the single form strong enough to use as a little coffee table? 

 what did he do?

vickyadrian (author)Iridium72010-01-10

Here is the link :

Iridium7 (author)vickyadrian2010-01-11

 no I meant what did you do at step4?

vickyadrian (author)Iridium72010-01-11

Ouw... sorry, I misunderstood.   :-)

I think single form is OK for a little coffee table, but not strong enough.
For little coffee table I suggest  you to see the instructable from MakeItSo (the title is "Cardboard Coffee Table"). That's really easy and very recommended for coffee table.


ljrodgers (author)2010-01-11

This was a great idea. Thanks for sharing it. I especially liked the modular aspect of your shelves. When I was young my mother made some shelves for my room with apple boxes. This reminds me of them.

Iridium7 (author)2010-01-08

 glad I caught your instructable soon enough, my mom was going to throw away a perfectly good box that had double and single layers sheets of cardboard.

Good 'ible!

vickyadrian (author)Iridium72010-01-09


Maybe you or your Mom can share the cardboard with me, because I'm running out of it now.

Haha... just kidding.

Kiteman (author)2010-01-07

(He means: how long will the shelves last in use?)

vickyadrian (author)Kiteman2010-01-08

Ouw... sorry for misunderstanding.  :-)
Thanks Kiteman.

I don't know precisely. I think it's strong enough for 1 year. I have been use it for 4 months (I still use it now).

Is that what ljpaintbox's question means?  :-)

Kiteman (author)vickyadrian2010-01-08


Well done.

Eye Poker (author)2010-01-07

Nice use of available materials.

If your inclined to use a table saw for such a project see my instructable: The Beehive Book Case.

vickyadrian (author)Eye Poker2010-01-08

Thank you for the recommendation. Actually, I already see that instructable (created by you off course)....   :)

I surprised when I saw your instructable, we had same idea (about the shape). And I more surprised when I saw the date you release your instructable.  You released that exactly when I'm making my honeycomb cardboard. In other words, maybe we had same idea and we started almost at the same time, but we didn't know each other. Amazing, isn't it?!
The difference is just about the material.

FYI, I released that in January 2010, but actually I started to make it in July 2009 and finished it in August.

By the way, thanks for the inspiration.  :)

feenix1363 (author)2010-01-07

Great looking project. And easy to follow instructions.


paladexs (author)2010-01-07

Hi dude,
Good job!, it's really instructed us how to make it step by step ,my concerned is how you put it on wall?, hang it or glued it?...however, mantab!!!.

vickyadrian (author)paladexs2010-01-07

Thank's Bro,
I hanged it by adding a pair of angle bar.

darraughbj (author)2010-01-06

 I really like this, it's a simple yet very well thought out design. Too bad I don't have any cardboard boxes hanging around unused.

ljpaintbox (author)2010-01-06

lovely work. Question, how long is its durabillity?

Kiteman (author)2010-01-06

That is really good.

Don't worry about the English, it is perfectly understandable, and gives the work a unique feel.

Just one question: how did you fix it to the wall?

vickyadrian (author)Kiteman2010-01-06

Thank you...
About the question, I fixed it by adding a pair of angle bar. Maybe next time I can take the picture (angle bar that I used) for you.

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