Honeycomb Fruit Gel & Yogurt Spheres

Picture of Honeycomb Fruit Gel & Yogurt Spheres

This dessert really surprised us. We knew it would be a playful twist on the refreshing classic honey-fruit-yogurt combo, yet we did not expect how exhilarating it is to bite into an odd little sphere that bursts like a cherry tomato yet it's honey infused yogurt, or how magically the little honeycomb cells holds the golden honey as we scoop up one delicious bite after another.

Honestly, if there's a 'Habitat for BEEmanity' fund-raising dinner, guests would love this! It's not only an amazingly tasty dessert that is a celebration of so many gifts from nature that are made possible by the work of the bees, but also such a delightful experience to eat!

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Step 1: Honeycomb Fruit Gel

Picture of Honeycomb Fruit Gel

Bees are so incredible! How much have they inspired humans in design and architecture? Just look at the honeycomb structure, we have to scratch our heads even if we want to copy it!

In this step, the yummy fruits are transformed into the mysterious honeycomb gels, and your guests are going to say ' How did you make that?'

The selection of fruit you use is totally up to you. Choose what’s in season and tasting great! We used cherry, blueberry, nectarine, honeydew, and strawberry. You may see some variation in the gelling depending on the fruit. This may take some trial and error but in general the process is the same. Be that artist you always wanted to be! The variety of colors and flavors is the beauty in this dish. Here is what you will need for each variety of fruit:

½ Cup Fresh Fruit in cut in small pieces

1 Packet of Gelatin (1/4 oz packet) (for high water fruit like melon use 1 ½ packets)

1 Tbsp Honey

1 Tbsp Lemon Juice

You will also need to have the following ready to go:

1 Baking tray lined with bubble wrap that has been washed and dried

*Size depends on variety of fruit. We found that 1 9”x13” sheet was good for 4 fruits

Place the fruit in the blender with the lemon juice and blend to a smooth puree. Pour into small stainless steel bowl and sprinkle in gelatin while stirring to prevent lumps. Let the fruit puree sit for 5 minutes so the gelatin can bloom or hydrate. During this time you can begin to prepare the next fruit. If you start with the light colored fruit and work to the darker colors, you don’t have to be so careful about washing the blender.

Place the bowl of puree over a double boiler and stir until the fruit feels warm to the touch. The purpose is to melt the gelatin. The puree will have thickened up a bit from the gelatin. Once the gelatin is melted, the puree should resemble its original consistency. There should be no lumps or grains of gelatin. Add the honey and pour the puree onto a section of the bubble wrap. Start in one corner of the pan and let the puree flow naturally. For very wet fruit you may see some leaching of juice. This happened to our honeydew puree! No problem, just use a smaller separate pan for this fruit so you contain the liquid.

Repeat this with the remaining fruits. Allow the puree to cool to room temperature and then place the pan in the freezer.

SparkySolar made it!5 months ago

I am going to have real beeswax next year, I guess I hate BUBBLE WRAP

( Purist)

SparkySolar made it!5 months ago

I just made a small honey comb silicone mold, as my honey comb bees wax came in.

I realized how paper thin the wax was.

This is in prep to making your meal, so I thought it would be ok to post this while in progresd.Before i am writing this I trimmed the edges a bit better with a craft knife

SparkySolar5 months ago

This is so nice,- YUMMY

Thank you;


Bella996 months ago
This looks so good:) I think I'm going to try it :) yummy!!!
Oh, and by the way.... Thank you for this awesome idea <3
Verticees7 months ago

The honeycomb is amazing! I love it!

blissful2015 (author)  Verticees7 months ago

thank you so much innovator! =)

Ayushi Sharma8 months ago

This looks really awsum..n yummy..:)

blissful2015 (author)  Ayushi Sharma8 months ago
thank you so much ayushi! =)
jessyratfink8 months ago

This is absolutely amazing, honestly. So pretty!

blissful2015 (author)  jessyratfink8 months ago

that means a lot jessy, thank you!!! ;)

Cristina268 months ago
A bit of challenge I'm looking forward to tasting! honeycomb looks freaky delicious.
blissful2015 (author)  Cristina268 months ago

have fun making them! the gels are super delicious, & the spheres are drop-dead delicious! =)

I could not agree more with Natalie , what a yummylicious Idea :)

blissful2015 (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya9 months ago
thank you so much tarun! now i want to spherify everything! maybe start with a thandai recipe from a talented friend here? ;)

Oh yes, there has be some compensation for all the time when we have missed you :D

doodlecraft9 months ago

Really clever way to get the honeycomb texture! Awesome! :)

blissful2015 (author)  doodlecraft9 months ago
thank you natalie! your are the sweetest! =)