Honeydukes' Chocolate Frogs





Introduction: Honeydukes' Chocolate Frogs

A "Muggle" version of Honeydukes' Chocolate Frogs.

Step 1: Equipment and Ingredients

Wooden spatula
1-2 Plastic Frog Molds*
Microwave safe mixing bowl

One 12 oz. package of semi-sweet chocolate chips
One 12 oz. package of white chocolate chips

Makes 24 chocolate frogs

*Note: You may purchase a plastic frog mold from Amazon.com (see below) for roughly $3 plus shipping and handling.


Step 2: Prepare Your Chocolate

Empty both of your 12 oz. chocolate chip bags into your microwavable safe bowl.

Step 3: Turn Up the Heat

Place chocolate chip filled bowl in the microwave on high for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds is up, remove the bowl and stir the chocolate chips. Repeat microwaving for 30 second intervals until chocolate is completely melted.

Step 4: Pour Your Chocolate

Pour your melted chocolate into your plastic molds. Use a wooden spatula to help pour chocolate.

Step 5: Freeze and Enjoy

Place molds on a flat surface in the freezer. Wait 30 minutes. Remove chocolate frogs and turn mold upside down onto a plate or other desired serving item. Your chocolate frog should easily fall out onto plate. If it doesn't, gently tap the plastic mold with two fingers until chocolate frog falls out.
Now go and enjoy your magical amphibian treat!



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    Nice! Mind if I use your tutorial in my shop? I'd love to direct traffic here. :)

    Also, for those of the Instructables community who might be looking for boxes for these little chocolate frogs, you can find a free Harry Potter chocolate frog box template here: http://gaddia.deviantart.com/art/Chocolate-Frog-Bo...

    And if you want a high quality version (non pixilated) of the frog box including cards and the HoneyDukes sign, you can find that box sold here: http://etsy.me/1uitEhB

    You can also put the chocolate in a Ziploc bag and cut out a corner to make a tip it is less messy and fun.



    Or you could add rice krispies and make Crunchy Frogs for a Monty Python party

    1 reply

    I believe that's what they used for the ones sold in stores.

    need to add short lengths of pretzel for froggie bones, to be really disgusting, 8-) I think that's what was in the original commercial ones...

    I just may take it further... pour the chocolate in and pour it out then put white chocolate or caramel or nuts or cherry cocktail or M&Ms or Skiddles etc etc etc

    Ah, AWESOME! They used to sell these kids of candies in stores when the first movies came out, but not anymore. I never got a chance to buy one, so now I can make my own ones! YAY!

    Awesome! My husband and I have a friend who hosts a "frog party" every year and last year I overshot with some super delicious but a little too fancy double chocolate bread pudding. This year? Chocolate frogs! I just ordered the molds. Hadn't even thought of it.

    Holla, and stuff.

    Great idea, but on the fence with this one, since the shipping outweighs the mold cost. Hate when that happens:(

    5 replies

    No kidding. They're such a great shape though, like little poison dart frogs. Maybe put them on the wish list until the next book order and get that "super saver" free shipping.

    I clicked your link and the mold is now sold directly by Amazon and with super saver shipping. Crazy since you just posted the link yesterday, but awesome.

    FYI - That won't work because these aren't sold from Amazon. This is from a third party, and won't qualify for Free Super Saver Shipping. There is no way to avoid shipping costs on this one. :(

    This one, http://www.amazon.com/CK-Products-8-Inch-Frog-Chocolate/dp/B003QMMOZ8/ref=sr_1_1?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1301590491&sr=1-1 on the other hand, does qualify for FSSS!

    Great idea!

    Cool,maybe these could be made even more realistic if covered with some green fondant or something like that.:D

    Cool! my friends mom made these for a birthday party.

    This could be easily adapted into "Crunchy Frog"

    I have this same mold, it's good quality and I am glad I got it~but yeah, I ordered it before Christmas while I was getting books too.

    we made peanut butter frogs! just look up a basic peanut butter cup recipe, make your filling, melt your chocolate...here, you may want to use a clean little paint brush to paint a thin coating of melted chocolate over the entire surface first, then put your pb filling in, then top it off with melted chocolate.

    thanks for posting this version, quick, tasty, delicious, perfect to make with antsy kids!