Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil





Introduction: Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil

There is tons of honeysuckle growing right now. As I walk my dog everyday, the fragrance is positively intoxicating. I decided to preserve it for the rest of the year by making a simple infused oil.

Step 1: Collect Materials

You will need:

A sterilized mason jar
Carrier oil
Lots of honeysuckle flowers

Grab a ziplock bag and gather honeysuckle. Get more than you think you need! While you are doing this, sterilize your jar, band, and lid. I sterilize these things in the oven. It's pretty easy. Put the jar, band and lid in a 250 degree oven for 20 minutes. Plenty of time to walk down the alley and rob the neighbors honeysuckle!

Step 2: Prepare the Oil

Put the lovely flowers you stole, errrrr, borrowed? Whatever, put them in the jar. Cover with a carrier oil. I used canola because it has very little fragrance on its own, it's cheap, and I had it in my cupboard. You can use a fancier carrier oil if you choose. Put the jar in a dark place for several weeks. If you like the fragrance, strain the solids out and put the oil in a new sterilized jar. If you want a stronger fragrance, repeat the above steps. Enjoy!



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    Isn't honeysuckle just divine? Thanks for posting your Instructable. I love doing oil infusions :)