Introduction: Honeysuckle Infused Vodka

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What better way to control your favorite invasive vine!

To start you'll need:

(2) mason or canning jars of similar size
(1) 2-part canning lid
Unbleached cheesecloth
100-proof vodka, though 80-proof will do also
Honeysuckle blossoms!

Step 1: Collect the Flowers

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This is the fun part!

Pick the flowers from the Honeysuckle vine. These are the flowers that as a kid you probably pulled the stamen through the trumpet to get at the flower's nectar.

I prefer to pick the light golden flowers - the flowers range from white to gold. The older the flower - the more golden they become.

Remove all of the green parts prior to putting into a mason jar.

Step 2: Soak the Flowers

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Once you've picked a jar of the flowers and tamped them gently into the jar so that no more can fit gently, select a neutral spirit to infuse and pour into the jar. My preference is a 100-proof vodka.

Once you have poured the spirit into the jar, use a 2-piece canning lid to capped the jar.

Step 3: Let Rest

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Let the blossoms rest in the spirit for one to two days on your counter.

The blossoms at the top will oxidize and turn a bit brown.

Step 4: Strain the Spirit

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After the rest period, take the jar and remove the lid. Place a doubled layer of non-bleached cheese cloth over the top of the jar and tighten the ring down to secure.

Invert the jar over another jar and prop against a wall to keep the jar draining into the receiveing jar.

Step 5: Finished Product

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The receiving jar and refrigerate for up to one month. After that time the infusion begins to taste less floral.

Enjoy in a vodka tonic!


edvannatta (author)2012-05-17

look at many tried this is good

lemonie (author)2012-05-13

Not the berries then?


mir_arnold (author)lemonie2012-05-13

No berries, just the flowers.

jessyratfink (author)2012-05-13

This sounds amazing, I love honeysuckle!

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