Small 1/4" plastic broke off  my hood release handle, so the cable always falls off.  Instead of buying a new one, here's my instructable to repair it.   You'll need:

- Small screw driver for prying
- Small 18 gage wire, I've stolen some from my daughter's hobby collection.
- Clamps & drills
- Portable light
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Step 1: Unhook the release cable

Before crawling under the dashboard, pop open the hood. If the cable  fell off the handle already, grab the wiring 'knob' & pull with pliers.

Open the release cable box, unhook the cable ball.

Step 3: Drill some holes & lace up some re-enforcements

Clamp the handle in open position & drill some holes. For maximum  re-enforcements, holes should be close to the cable knob.
Now wrap the wiring around the hood cable. Make sure no sharp edges are exposed.

Step 4: Put everything back.

Picture of Put everything back.
Tuck the release cable back.  Test release handle & tighten as needed. 
Put back everything in reverse order.

*** DO NOT *** slam the hood until you're happy that all works as is.    :)

Step 5: