Introduction: Hood Release Handle Repair for Benz C240

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Small 1/4" plastic broke off  my hood release handle, so the cable always falls off.  Instead of buying a new one, here's my instructable to repair it.   You'll need:

- Small screw driver for prying
- Small 18 gage wire, I've stolen some from my daughter's hobby collection.
- Clamps & drills
- Portable light

Step 1: Unhook the Release Cable

Picture of Unhook the Release Cable

Before crawling under the dashboard, pop open the hood. If the cable  fell off the handle already, grab the wiring 'knob' & pull with pliers.

Open the release cable box, unhook the cable ball.

Step 2: Remove the Hood Lever

Picture of Remove the Hood Lever

Push the driver seat all the way back. Craw under the foot well with some light & unscrew the hood release lever.
Unhook hood cable from the notch & remove it.

Step 3: Drill Some Holes & Lace Up Some Re-enforcements

Picture of Drill Some Holes & Lace Up Some Re-enforcements

Clamp the handle in open position & drill some holes. For maximum  re-enforcements, holes should be close to the cable knob.
Now wrap the wiring around the hood cable. Make sure no sharp edges are exposed.

Step 4: Put Everything Back.

Picture of Put Everything Back.

Tuck the release cable back.  Test release handle & tighten as needed. 
Put back everything in reverse order.

*** DO NOT *** slam the hood until you're happy that all works as is.    :)

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