This easy-to-make cozy blanket has a built-in hood and can be made into any character you'd like!

Step 1: Pick a Character and Gather Materials

For this project, Dratini, I choose you! (But you can choose any Pokémon or other character you'd like.)

What you'll need:
- a fleece blanket or any large piece of material
  (I used a blue blanket that was 55'' x 79'' and had a ton of material left-over)
- accent fabric, depending on what character you are making
  (I cut out pieces from a white sweater and scraps of black fabric)
- matching thread
- velcro (or snaps, buttons, etc.)
- sewing machine
- pins and needles
- scissors
- ruler
Any tips on how to keep the wings sticking up? Mine are a little floppy. :-(
<p>Its <strong><em>soooo</em></strong> adorable!</p>
You should try adding sleeves to make it a robe!! :) great job!
<p>So Cute!</p>
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