Introduction: Hoof Special for NodeMCU

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NodeMcu is not very good on a classic breadboard.
I built a minibreadboard for it.

Step 1: Neccessary Material:

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Flat cable from old computers desktop.

I used 34 flat cable pins but it is possible to use more pins (40 or 50pins for example).

Step 2: Work the Cable.

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Push the second connector next to the first one and crimp it.

Step 3:

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Cut the cable to about one centimeter with a scissor.

Spell it! Pay attention with the cutter! Do not use too much force.

After marking the sheath, move it several times up and down.

Step 4: Final Step

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Solder the flat cable in pairs: 1 with 2, 3 with 4, .......

Isolate with insulating tape.

Step 5:

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I hope it can be useful.

Ciao from Italy.


Swansong (author)2017-05-10

I'm glad you could make a fix for it :)

alertme (author)2017-05-10

Hi, Your project may be simple. But, you are a genius with this idea of re-usage of PATA HDD kabels / Floppy cables. Success en hope to hear from you with such good ideas.

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