Introduction: Hook Only-Rainbow Loom Pencil Hugger

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You only need a crochet hook or a rainbow loom hook, an estimated 15 bands, and your hands of course. You also need a surface to work on.

Step 1: Tie the Band

Picture of Tie the Band

Tie a band four times around your hook. It should look like the picture

Step 2: The Next (Slightly Tricky) Bit

Picture of The Next (Slightly Tricky) Bit

Now take two bands and stretch them from the hook point with your finger and slide your wrapped band on it and put it back onto the hook. This may take a bit if you're new to charms with a hook.

Step 3: The Repeated Easy Step

Picture of The Repeated Easy Step

Now you've got a wrapped band on two bands, so get another two, stretch them on the hook, and pull the wrapped-on-two bunch onto it. Do this three more times and it should end up like in the picture.

Step 4: The Chain Again

Picture of The Chain Again

So, just make another chain like the one we made before. Make sure they are the same length before you start the next step.

Step 5: Tricky Step No.2

Picture of Tricky Step No.2

Okay, now get two bands, stretch them on the hook, and pull the chains on. Put this back onto the hook.

Step 6: Almost Done!

Picture of Almost Done!

So, stretch the chains-on-bands bunch onto two more bands, stretch that on another two, and then take just ONE single band and stretch everything on that.

Step 7: Slip Knot

Picture of Slip Knot

Okay, so, tie the band to close the hugger. You can do a slip-knot too. A slip knot is like this: take the far end of your single band and pull it over the hook. It'll be a knot.

Step 8: DONE!

Picture of DONE!

Yippee, you're done! Please say so in the comments if this was hard.

Here are some uses for your new hugger:

-Wrap onto pens or pencils

-Use it for your trusty hook so it's easier to find it if you drop it.

-You can use it for a funny ring

-Use it to do up your hair

Have fun!


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