Hook Up Composite to an Extremely Old Tv!


Introduction: Hook Up Composite to an Extremely Old Tv!

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This instructable shows how to hook up a composite thing(Wii) to an extremly old TV with only one input(External Antenna).

Step 1: Hook the Device to the VCR

Take the composite output cable of the device(Wii) and put them into the "Composite In" on your VCR.

Step 2: Hook the VCR to the TV.

Solder a 3.5mm jack to an antenna out plug and plug one end into the tv, and the other into the VCR.

Step 3: Power It Up!

Plug everything in and turn it on! Fool around with the VCR channel buttons until you find it. (Tune your TV at about channel 3 or 4).



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    Portable tvs are the only tvs with these external antenna inputs. You can find portable tvs from the late 90s with these same inputs. Sony Watchman and Casio Pocket TV were probably the most widely known, and the GE Spacemaker under cabinet tvs. However you can buy this item that requires zero soldering and splicing https://tinyurl.com/jh2vd6v

    Um, the ext. ant in on the TV is just a 3.5mm plug. You can get 100 times better picture if you buy a 75ohm cable to 3.5mm mini connector for about $2.50 at your local electronics store. That fuzz is from signal loss on the copper wire. The lack of a ground on the copper wire as well (antenna wire has a live/signal and ground) will reduce quality. The TV isn't that old (late 70's early 80's.) Good effort, just that you can get better quality by using a connector adaptor.

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    Hey! could you link to an adapter like the one you mentioned? Would love to do this on my old tv.

    Thank you for the advice, ill try that.

    Wow, i tried that and it works perfectly! All i did was soder an antenna male plug to a 3.5mm jack and it's awesome!

    Glad it worked for you. (By the way, I'm 15. I reccon one of those mechanical disk TV's are old. ;) )

    haha im 19 when i was a kid we had the first computer on the block and it was a used green screen dos (we were on the poor side of town)

    Nice. I had a PC with 256 colors and Windows 3.1 though. And I upgraded from that to Windows 95 and VGA. Happy times.

    also, it's old to me, im 13


    Well guys, when I grew up all I had was listening to the Lone Ranger and the Shadow on our radio. No TV!! and only mechanical 'thinking machines'.

    And I'm only 68.

    But I do love computers today. The only thing I find occasionally is the 'PBKAC' error.