This instructable shows how to hook up a composite thing(Wii) to an extremly old TV with only one input(External Antenna).
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Step 3: Power it up!

Plug everything in and turn it on! Fool around with the VCR channel buttons until you find it. (Tune your TV at about channel 3 or 4).
wilb3 years ago
Well guys, when I grew up all I had was listening to the Lone Ranger and the Shadow on our radio. No TV!! and only mechanical 'thinking machines'.

And I'm only 68.

But I do love computers today. The only thing I find occasionally is the 'PBKAC' error.
Cameron6574 years ago
Um, the ext. ant in on the TV is just a 3.5mm plug. You can get 100 times better picture if you buy a 75ohm cable to 3.5mm mini connector for about $2.50 at your local electronics store. That fuzz is from signal loss on the copper wire. The lack of a ground on the copper wire as well (antenna wire has a live/signal and ground) will reduce quality. The TV isn't that old (late 70's early 80's.) Good effort, just that you can get better quality by using a connector adaptor.
josh1324 (author)  Cameron6574 years ago
Thank you for the advice, ill try that.
josh1324 (author)  josh13244 years ago
Wow, i tried that and it works perfectly! All i did was soder an antenna male plug to a 3.5mm jack and it's awesome!
Glad it worked for you. (By the way, I'm 15. I reccon one of those mechanical disk TV's are old. ;) )
haha im 19 when i was a kid we had the first computer on the block and it was a used green screen dos (we were on the poor side of town)
Nice. I had a PC with 256 colors and Windows 3.1 though. And I upgraded from that to Windows 95 and VGA. Happy times.
josh1324 (author)  Cameron6574 years ago
also, it's old to me, im 13