Make It - Hooked Carving Knife


Introduction: Make It - Hooked Carving Knife


In one of my many trips to Lee Valley, I came across a bunch of carving knife blades. I picked a couple up and finally had some time to build a handle for one.

I had lots of small scraps of wood to choose from, and settled on Walnut and Paduak. I really liked this combination on the Secret Compartment Box II, so why mess around with a good thing. The Paduak was cut to the exact same thickness as the blade so it was easy to create the cavity for the blade to fit into. The brass rivets are a two piece design with a male and a female. The are called cutlery rivets and are made specifically for applications like this. To prevent any movement in the future, should the rivets loosen, I set the blade into a small amount of 2 part epoxy.

The handle was glued up using Titebond III so it's waterproof and finished with Beeswax/Mineral Oil.



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