Picture of Hoop Bender
Low tunnels make great season extension tools. They are MUCH cheaper than a high tunnel and MUCH MUCH MUCH cheaper than a greenhouse. They can easily be made from stuff you can find at your local hardware store and nursery. Elliot Coleman (a pioneer in organic gardening) Explains how to make them out of 1/2" PVC conduit HERE .

There are advantages to making them out of galvanized EMT (electrical metallic tubing) durability being a chief one. Johnnie's sells a bender that looks like it's made out of the exact stuff that it is intended to bend and for the not-so-bargain price attached to it, I figured it was time to make one myself.

Having procrastinated on getting cool weather crop seeds in the ground to the point that the crops won't be ready by the time it freezes, this little project should keep me out of trouble with the wife: good-bye evil eye, hello broccoli!

After an exhaustive search, I found many temporary designs that utilize screws in plywood or stakes in the ground but I wanted something a little more like the one that Johnnies sells but made from the scrap wood that never seems to get any smaller...but that's a topic for me and a shrink. Any way, let's get started!

The Johnny's high tunnel bender is an INVALUABLE tool for the homestead or small commercial farm. using 21' top rail at $0.61 per ft we are able to build 80' tunnels for less than $1,000 and they pay for temselves in ONE SEASON!

It's always good to have a cheaper option!