Picture of Hoop House
A hoop house is generally defined as a simple greenhouse and is commonly used for season-extension, allowing crops to thrive and be cultivated well after their normal growing season. It is generally constructed using basic materials such as pvc pipe reinforced with rebar for the frame and a plastic sheet to cover the structure.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
First figure out the dimensions of the greenhouse you are constructing. A hoop house can vary in size depending on your needs. The one we are working with in this description is approximately 13' long x 10' wide x 6' tall.

What you will need:
*PVC pipe (in our case we used 3/4" pipe)
* Re-bar
*PVC T-fittings( you may need 2 or 3)
*Zip ties
*Plastic greenhouse liner
*PVC saw
*Measuring tape
*Cement blocks
*Wooden planks(the length and width of your greenhouse) 
*Optional: Wood( if you choose to build door frames)

dl2gonzo1 year ago

This is a good one, thanks for posting! One quick question: did you attach the liner to the pvc pipes in any way? (my apologies if I missed that somewhere). Also, how did you fasten the liner in an arch like that around the doorway? (sorry, i meant TWO quick questions! ;)

Cyrus2 years ago
Awesome instructible. Would it be better to have a clear plastic for the greenhouse or is the translucent okay? Do they even make a clear liner?
RoBear6133 years ago
I do a lot of "googling" and came across these:


You can fit the ridge pole to the cross hoops in one piece.
Wow! That looks awesome and seems fairly easy to build. :D