Step 1: Materials

You need about 40 bands, a loom, a hook, and a C/S clip.

Step 2: Single Chain

Lay the bands, zigzagging all the way to the end of the loom, for a kid's wrist I suggest you stop at the 19th peg.

Step 3: Add a Cap Band

Turn your Loom around and place a cap band on the first peg.

Step 4: Hooking Process

Take your hook and loop the band underneath the cap band. Then add another cap band onto the peg that you just looped.

Step 5: Hooking Process

Then loop away from the cap band you just placed and add another cap band onto the one you just looped.

Step 6: Keep Hooking

Keep adding cap bands unto the pegs you just looped until you reach the end of the loom.

Step 7: Finishing Off

You're almost done! Add a S/C clip to the last 2 bands and carefully pull the bracelet off the loom.

Step 8: You're Done!!!

Thanks for using this tutorial! Hope you liked it, it's my original design. Comment if you want more!
<p>vrey easy to make thanks </p>
<p>Great instructable! The design is cute and making it is super easy!</p>
It was way to big to fit my wrist, o had to take off 6 bands.

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