Picture of Hop Trellis from old extending Pool Skimmer Pole
I needed to come up with a cheap hop trellis for some hops I need to relocate. I had an old pool skimmer pole to use for a base. I found and an old kitchen sink strainer basket lying around the shop that was perfect for tying twine through the side holes. The only thing I purchased was the twine since I replace the twine every year. I ended up with a 12 foot high trellis.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
13, 9:01 PM.jpg
(1) Old telescoping pool skimmer pole (1) Old kitchen sink strainer basket. Pull apart so you just have the basket. (1) Wooden Dowel that fits inside pool pole (from scrap wood pile) (approx. 1 foot in length) (1) Length of pipe that fits inside pool pole (from scrap metal pile) (2 to 3 feet in length) (3) Wood screws or metal screws (left over from window blinds) (4) Wood stakes for tie downs. (from scrap wood pile)