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Introduction: Hope or Despair Apocalypse Pendant

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This pendant represents either a pessimistic or hopeful view of an apocalyptic future. Either this pendant holds a seed ready to be planted upon establishing a new homestead, or it will flower at the site of the wearer's death.


Thick piece of veg tanned leather

Screw-on grommet (I got these at my local craft show near bag handles, clasps, and straps.)

Small screwdriver

Large jump ring

Leather punch

Thinly woven fabric

Seed (I used a sunflower.)


X-acto knife

Metal ruler

Stylus or awl

Hammer or mallet

Leather modeling tool

Step 1: Grommet Hole

I had previously dyed this piece of leather with Rit dye. Follow the directions on the box to dye your own.

Press the side of the grommet with the threaded holes into the leather to create an imprint.

Use the leather punch to make room for the grommet.

Press the grommet into the resulting hole.

Step 2: Seed Pocket

Cut two pieces of thinly woven fabric that are larger than the grommet. A biodegradable fabric would be ideal, but most plants will have no trouble growing through the fabric if it's thinly woven.

Place one piece of the fabric over the grommet in the leather.

Place your seed on the fabric.

Place the other piece of fabric over the seed.

Screw the other half of the grommet over the fabric.

Step 3: Cut, Sand, and Burnish

Cut the leather into any desired shape. I chose to cut the edges at an angle using a metal ruler as a guide. You can sand the edges to even them up or round them off. Any fuzzy bits can be burned off with a lighter.

Step 4: Finishing

Add details with a leather modeling tool. I just drew a few circles in the corners, but solobo has created an ible on leather tooling that would be very helpful if you'd like to add more.

Use a stylus or awl to punch a hole and insert the jump ring.

Add your chain.

Step 5: Decide

Now make a decision. Are you wearing this seed to flower from your demise or create a new beginning?



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Nice! life even in death. I'm gonna make a couple for my hiking packs.

Great! Come back and post pics with an I made it comment. I'd love to see how they come out.

Very, very cool! I love the idea behind it, plus it looks good. Reminds a body of stories about immigrants coming to a new country with heirloom family seeds sown into their garments.

I hadn't thought of that. Very cool connection!

I seldom see something like that - sooo cool! I really love the sentence in the beginning ( the story behind your pendant ). You have created a classics story here. Life will blossom either at the place of a new homestead or at the wearer death place - very optimistic view upon life and death.

Really interesting concept!