Introduction: Horchata

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Very simple and sweet drink


1 cup uncooked long grain rice (no substitute) *Do not rinse*

5 cup water

2 cinnamon sticks

1/2 tsp vanilla

1/2 cup milk

1/2 cup sugar (you can add more to taste)

*Note. If you want the drink to be creamier, substitute milk and sugar with 1/2 a can of condensed milk

Step 1: Break, Drown, Wait, Strain

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Break up the rice in a blender or coffee grinder

Add the water and cinnamon sticks

Cover and leave in room temperature for at least 3hrs (I left mine overnight)

Strain using a fine mesh strainer (or cheese cloth)

Discard the rice (or make rice pudding with it)

Step 2: Add the Rest of Ingredients

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Mix in Milk, Sugar, and Vanilla

(1/2 a can of condensed milk can be use instead of milk and sugar for a creamier horchata)

Step 3: Chill and Enjoy

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If you have a large family or want to make this for a party, you'll want to double or triple the recipe.


Lectric Wizard (author)2014-02-26

Is the rice cooked ? Does it ferment overnight ?

MeloVlog (author)Lectric Wizard2014-02-26

:D thx for the questions. realize I need to edit.
No, its uncooked rice and as long as you DON"T put the drink in a sunny/warm spot, you should be fine.

Lectric Wizard (author)MeloVlog2014-02-26

So it's not fermented ,it's like "rice milk" ?

Its delicious you should try it. :)

I'm from Canada & just trying to figure out what it is,as haven't heard of it before !

MeloVlog (author)Lectric Wizard2014-02-26

"rice milk" is really really close. People from where i grew up (California) explained it as "rice water".
no worries but PLS tell me you've had a burrito or carne asada fries?! o__O

Lectric Wizard (author)MeloVlog2014-02-27

Had a frozen burrito once, wasn't all bad ,bet the real thing is much better... not much for spicy food thou. I might try this when I get a chance, it sounds good !!

Argyros (author)2015-04-07

I made this, first batch was great. The second time I made a bigger amount and left it sitting on the rice for a longer time. After mixing with milk+sugar/condensed milk (tried both), after a day in the fridge, the drink turned jelly. Interesting.

contxa (author)2014-02-27

Hi!! Horchata is a Spanish recipe, and it is made of "chufas",not rice. Chufas have a wonderful sweet flavour, and the final result,has nothing to do with this recipe,I am afraid.

Knipperton (author)contxa2014-02-28

Actually, horchata varies around the world. In Mexico this is made from rice. Wikipedia's article is pretty good.

javi_el_largo (author)Knipperton2014-05-17

Of course, as Contxa says, real and original horchata (spanish horchata) is made with chufas. No other recipe with substitutives can beat chufa horchata, I'm afraid.

eskaiguolker (author)2014-02-26

really is a pseudo-horchata. The real drink is made whit chufas

This is the way we make it in Mexico and it is called horchata too, very tasty as well, check it out:

iogonal (author)eskaiguolker2014-02-26

yes, it's not horchata, this is another thing

Michael C (author)2014-02-28

I have to agree with some if the others this is not horchata , chufas is what makes horchata, however this is close to a rice attole. Or a rice pudding just with more milk.

You're talking about the Spanish version, this is Mexican horchata, I saw in the comments the author is from California so that must be the reason. However you should try it, it is very good!

jmwells (author)2014-02-26

Have you ever substituted a portion of the milk/sugar with coconut milk? Yummy!

MeloVlog (author)jmwells2014-02-26

I've only heard/read about it. Lol I was thinking of Coconut Rum on the side, I haven't tried it though (I have coconut rum but waiting for weekend to test it out)

jmwells (author)MeloVlog2014-02-26

Sounds gooooooood!

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