Here is a very unique device meant to be put on the top of your car. There is a camera at one end and a servo motor on the other side (the servo is activated by an onboard gyroscope). 

Ultimately, the design was meant for drifting. Since the winter was really bad around here (we haven't received a lot of precipitations), I was not able to film the rig on snow. However, I do have some pretty nice videos of this setup on different cars.


Step 1: Parts Needed

Mechanical components
- Suctions cups
- Aluminum rod, 1/2 x 1/2 8 feet long
- Plywood 24" by 5"
- 1/4 20 2-1/2" long
- 1/4 nuts
- 1/4 washer
- 2,5 Lbs dumbell weight
- #6 wooden screws 1-1/4"

Electrical components
- Servo motor
- Gyroscope
- 6V lead-acid battery
- 4,8V battery
- Power switch
- Wires
- Remote control transmitter and receiver

- Drill
- GoPro camera
- Duck tape
Duude your drivers side is on the wrong side LOL! <br/><br/>Here in the US the drivers seat is on the left because we drive on the right side of the road. :P <br/><br/> -AJ
ever tried a jib crane system with this same project?
Nice work! <br> <br> If I'm not mistaken, the first video had 1 axis stabilization, and the second clip had 2 or 3. Yes?
Looks great! Would it help to add a bungee cord to allow the camera to snap back a little quicker though?
The point of view it's exactly like in a video game. <br>Good work
That is really neat! I'll send this to a film maker friend.
Sorry, you messed up the maths/physics :) <br> <br>You forgot to include the weight of that hefty looking bar. <br>Say it weighed around 1kg (1000g): <br>M1=M2 <br> <br>M1=(?g x 200mm) + (((2/17) x 1000g) x 100mm) <br> <br>M2=(300g x 1500mm) + (((15/17) x 1000g) x 750mm) <br> <br>Hence, counter weight will weigh 5500g or ~12lb. You've got an percentage error of around 60% going there, thats going to put unnecessary strain on the system.
Hey Code Grey! <br> <br>Thank you very much for your comment! I fix it! It weight around 290g. <br> <br>Take care!

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