Turn a regular drinking straw into a cool horn. Whip this one out next time you're at McDonalds. Kids love it; wives and McDonalds employees... not so much.
that is soo awesomly strange!<br>gotta make one! :-)
wow this is sooooo awsome its double reed action is just lyk an oboe&nbsp; XD
wtf? this doesn't work is there some special way to blow?
thats what she said! im sorry. i couldnt resist lol
lol never mind i was blowing into the wrong hole you should mention that
that is really what she said
The video gives a "this is a private video" error. :(
hahaha this is awesome. it takes the immaturity of making loud and obnoxious noises, as well as the entertainment of making something functional and mixes the two perfectly. my peers will be angry at me during lunch now. thanks :)
Do you have a wife? Does she think you're weird? I'm just kidding! :-D I have got to try this!
Nice video. My science teacher showed me this last year. He showed me that the length effects the sound. I inserted a slightly thinner straw to make the length variable. If a straw slightly thinner is not available tape can be built up to ensure a tight connection. Before watching your video I did not know the shape of the plastic reid effects the sound.

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