If you ever find a blown-out (retired) hornets' nest, take a look at the gorgeous paper those demons can make! This turned into a weird Instructable, but it was pretty cool playing with the stuff.

Step 1: Materials

Abandoned hornets' nest
Large (16"-18") balloon
Newspaper, torn into strips
White craft glue
String of LED lights
Craft wire
Wire cutters
Wow, special idea<br> You can get more:&nbsp;<a href="http://megaman.com.vn/vn/San-Pham/" rel="nofollow">&Auml;&egrave;n led</a><br> <br>
Wow, that look spooky. Great idea using the nest as a lamp cover.
Makes me want to use cabbage next time. Or just stuff a bell pepper with a halogen light. This could be the start of a whole new cottage industry.

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