Picture of Horror Dogs
hot dog fun 1.JPG
Horror dogs, people dogs, hot people, soylent green, call them what you want, they're fun.

Slice hot dogs in a manner that when boiled, they look like peoples.

You will need:
hot dogs (any kind will do)
a knife (kids ask your parents!)
boiling water (it's hot!)
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Step 1: Operation slice

Picture of operation slice
hot dog fun 1b.JPG
hotdog fun 1b.JPG
Begin by slicing the hot dogs as shown. (diagram provided) It's fun to make them

talk/cry/scream from this point on. If they offer you a wish, not to eat them, don't fall for it. I

fell for it the last time. Never again.  

Step 2: Try one first

Picture of try one first
hot dog fun  2b.JPG
hot dog fun 2c.JPG
hot dog fun  2d.JPG
hot dog fun  2e.JPG
hot dog fun  2f.JPG
Drop the lil' guy in the hot, hot water. As they cook, the little legs and arms begin to

spread out. They will float up to the top when they're done. Use tongs to fish 'em out, out

lift out carefully with a spoon.  

Step 3: Total dogicide

Picture of total dogicide
hot dog fun  3b.JPG
More is better applies here. Looks pretty scary to me. No Titanic jokes please.

Step 4: After the crash / triage

Picture of after the crash / triage
hot dog fun  4b.JPG
Here are all the "bodies" we pulled out of the water. Also an octopus and a tree. (made in

a like manner, I encourage experimentation)

Step 5: Serving suggestions

Picture of serving suggestions
hot dog fun  5b.JPG
Cut off an arm or leg and blot the stump with ketchup "blood". We can see that a crowd

has gathered, with the help of a couple toothpicks place strategically up the legs of two

"onlookers". Have fun!  Pick one up ,alive and shaking, place on bun still quivering, and bite head off. Show your sister that it is dead now. See, it's not moving?
crestind3 years ago
Very well written and photographed. Impressed.
Good luck.
dreamberry (author)  corporatelab3 years ago
Thank you Sir!
LOL, It's the Happy Hot Dog Guy!
http://frankformers.com/ <--- can you believe they sell this?
oh yeah, also the Octodog.
dreamberry (author)  nathanrudolf3 years ago
To be fair, the Frankformer SAFELY and CONSISTENTLY cuts the dogs. :) Looks safer for the kids.
Yes it is safer than a knife, but then you can also cut a hot dog with a butter knife, or credit card. But the ease and consistency is where it excels.  Regardless, I like your ible, I used to do this with my nieces and nephews.


"Get the Happy Hot Dog Man in red for $10.99; and we'll send you the Happy Hot Dog Man in yellow for free! You can find out about FREE SHIPPING when you upgrade your order; AND we'll double the offer to 4 Hot Dog Men; AND we'll also include a BONUS Ketchup Kritter and Mustard Monster!"
sze arteest3 years ago
What a smart idea. Like it!
dreamberry (author)  sze arteest3 years ago
Thanks! The cut is an old one, which I cannot take credit for, but I get a lot of joy from it!
I think to dress it up and use for a pizza )) Thanks for sharing it
dreamberry (author)  sze arteest3 years ago
Very funny! :)