Horror dogs, people dogs, hot people, soylent green, call them what you want, they're fun.

Slice hot dogs in a manner that when boiled, they look like peoples.

You will need:
hot dogs (any kind will do)
a knife (kids ask your parents!)
boiling water (it's hot!)

Step 1: Operation Slice

Begin by slicing the hot dogs as shown. (diagram provided) It's fun to make them

talk/cry/scream from this point on. If they offer you a wish, not to eat them, don't fall for it. I

fell for it the last time. Never again.  
Dreamberry,<br>Very well written and photographed. Impressed.<br>Good luck.<br>
Thank you Sir!
LOL, It's the Happy Hot Dog Guy!<br>http://frankformers.com/ &lt;--- can you believe they sell this?
oh yeah, also the Octodog.
To be fair, the Frankformer SAFELY and CONSISTENTLY cuts the dogs. :) Looks safer for the kids.
Yes it is safer than a knife, but then you can also cut a hot dog with a butter knife, or credit card. But the ease and consistency is where it excels. &nbsp;Regardless, I like your ible, I used to do this with my nieces and nephews.<br> <br> <a href="http://youtu.be/CUTPCEA-al0">http://youtu.be/CUTPCEA-al0</a><br> <br> &quot;Get the Happy Hot Dog Man in red for $10.99; and we'll send you the Happy Hot Dog Man in yellow for free! You can find out about FREE SHIPPING when you upgrade your order; AND we'll double the offer to 4 Hot Dog Men; AND we'll also include a BONUS Ketchup Kritter and Mustard Monster!&quot;
What a smart idea. Like it!
Thanks! The cut is an old one, which I cannot take credit for, but I get a lot of joy from it!
I think to dress it up and use for a pizza )) Thanks for sharing it
Very funny! :)

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