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Introduction: Horror Movie Masters Shoes

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I made these shoes for my sister for her birthday. The process is pretty much the same as my Adventure Time Shoes (https://www.instructables.com/id/Adventure-Time-Shoes/) except this time I used transfer paper to get the jist of the image on the shoe without having to spend hours drawing it myself.

Find and print reference photos in the size you need. Then cut out a piece of transfer paper the same size as the photo. Place the photo over the transfer paper, making sure the darker side of the transfer paper is against the shoe. Tape it down on the shoe where you want the image to be and then trace over the image with a pencil. Press on the inside of the shoe while you work to firm up the surface for a better transfer. Remove the photo and then paint the image. Spray the shoes with clear coat to protect the image and then lace them up. 



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    This is totally awesome! I wanted to paint my canvas shoes with some Star Wars theme for a long time, but I'm sooooo lazy :D

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    I know how that is. I have 2 pairs started that I keep putting off. One day lol

    and I love you random citizen! ....cool points if you know the reference ;)

    Hahahaha! Megamind? Or was that just the Villain in that movie? (I forgot the name of the movie!)

    cool points to you!!!! The movie is called Megamind. Metroman says it.

    Truly aewsome shoes. My wife wants a pair of freddy ones. Brilliant.

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    Thanks!! Ive been considering starting to make and sell shoes. There are lots of people already doing it and having great business.