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Introduction: Horse Trough Planter

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All the construction steps are in the video

We have horses on the homestead and I have always wanted an old fashioned horse trough like you see in the westerns so I came up with this design for a horse trough planter to go next to my gate.

The planter is made from recycled cedar fence boards and a pressure treated 2x4 and can be made in about 2 hours. Makes a real nice planter for flowers or could be used for vegetables.

Estimated cost is under $20 or less if you use recycled materials like I did.


(1) 2x4x8 pressure treated stud

(10) 6"x6' flat top cedar fence boards.

Good quality exterior wood glue

Large head roofing nails

Wear safety goggles when using power tools.

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    This is super cute, I love that you even have a real pump in it for authenticity! Great idea!