Picture of Horseshoe Words
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What can you make with old horseshoes? A variety of items are possible. I enjoy making and selling horseshoe words. The natural curve of the shoe makes it ideal to conform to shapes of letters.
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Step 1: Find The Horseshoes

Picture of Find The Horseshoes
Most rural areas that use horses for work use have horseshoes lying around for sell. Farm and ranch stores also usually carry them if you want to buy new.

Step 2: Lay Out Horseshoes And Cut

Picture of Lay Out Horseshoes And Cut
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14, 12:16 PM.jpg
The letters are organic and size and contour are up to the artist. I use multiple metal cutting tools to help with the process. A portable band saw and grinding cut off wheel are effective. This can be a fun hobby and business. I do this at Tech Shop and the members love to inspect my work and give comments. I made this at Tech Shop!!!!

Step 3:

MrOddjob1 year ago

Where is step 3? I am really interested in this project and don't want to miss anything. Please update the third step.