Horto Domi: the Open Source Smart Garden


Introduction: Horto Domi: the Open Source Smart Garden

Step 1: Control Unit Construction

Chapter 1: Disclaimers and Warnings

Chapter 3: Work Area and Setup

Chapter 5: Build the Heavy Current Router

Chapter 6: Build the Relay Box

Chapter 7: Build the Arduino Project Box

Chapter 8: Build the GIF Power Box

Chapter 9: Modify the Power Strip

Chapter 10: Build the Sensor Patch Bay

Chapter 11 – A: Building the Sensors

Chapter 11 – B: Wire Stripping

Chapter 11 – C: Building the Temperature Sensor

Chapter 11 – D: Hooking Up A Sensor

Chapter 12: Splicing the Solenoids Onto Plugs

Chapter 13 – A: Completing the Unit

Chapter 13 – B: Notes on Debugging

Chapter 13 – C: Simple Systems Test

Chapter 14 – Loading the Arduino Software


Step 2: Greenhouse Dome Construction

Chapter 1: Dome

Chapter 2: Hood

Chapter 3: Shield

Chapter 4: Worm Bin Cover

Chapter 5: Worm Bin

Chapter 6: Bed

Chapter 7: Panels

Chapter 8: Fertigation Tank

Chapter 9: Control Stand

Chapter 10: Bed Filling

Chapter 11: Final Assembly



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