Introduction: Hose Salvage and Reuse Part 1 - Blade Guard

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I am one of the Maker Community who hates to throw anything out. I have a lot of heavily used hose, some leak, some have had encounters with the mower, some have be burned in brush fires, and some have just hit really old age. But wait: much of this stuff can be fixed, salvaged, or re-purposed. This is the first of a series of short instructables on this topic. If you just have a problem at one end or a leak in the middle just fix it, see the instructable Great, Easy and Cheap Hose Repair for the Garden and Elsewhere. If you want to salvage this instructable is for Blade and Chisel Guards.

Step 1: ​Tools and Materials

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  • Some hose beyond repair.
  • Usual small hand tools, sometimes some simple hardware, this is all pretty obvious.

Step 2: ​Make It – Blade and Chisel Guards

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When you store sharp tools, the tool generally needs to have its edge protected ( to keep it sharp ) and you may need protection when you reach in the drawer for the tool. I fashion these using a utility knife and a chisel. The pictures make this pretty obvious.


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BeachsideHank (author)2015-06-02

A classic use, and still a good one is the slit a length long enough to slip over a handsaw or pruning saw's cutting edge to protect the teeth (and you).

Great example/picture, thanks.

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