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Another half-baked idea...a giant Twinkies cake. (Plagarized and muddled paragraph follows:) I totally disagree with somewhere in the fine print of the contest rules that says something against cupcakes and snack cakes are not cake, which along with the Shangrilarcadia's Hostess Cupcake cake instructable inspired me to make a cake based on perhaps the most infamous snack cake there is: the Hostess Twinkies brand Golden Sponge Cake with Creamy Filling.

In between my cartooning chores I try to find the time to do an instructable or two. So I would classify what follows as a minimalist-lazy-butt-speed-instructable with shortcuts taken wherever I can. Actually, a true feat of engineering...

Step 1: It Will Pan Out One Day...

Create your custom cake mold by following the instructable for custom cake molds. I tried to make the giant Twinkies mold dimensions based on scaling up the recommended (13 x 9 x 2) inch pan to use. The mold is (13 x 4.5 x 4) inches to accomodate the same volume. The sides can be higher to prevent any spillover when the cake rises. Cover the cardboard form with at least 3 layers of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Shape, form and remove from the master mold.

No, I do not think IKEA really sells the RACK TWINKEN mold. I just wrote the logo on. By the way, does anyone know if the names of their products are real Swedish words?

Step 2: Batter Up!

Use any prepared cake mix or your recipe created from scratch. I just used a yellow cake mix purchased from the supermarket. Place the mixed batter into the heavily greased and flour-dusted mold. Bake according to directions on the box. It looks like the cake did not rise to the occassion so the stated yield on the box was way under estimate. I think two boxes of mix would have worked to fill the entire mold. When cooled, it should come easily out of the mold. You can invert everything onto a big plate. Turn it back over again so that the exposed baked top is on top.

Step 3: Turbocharged and Fuel Injected:

I think the ingredients of the creme-like filling are still a trade secret but there is much urban lore that you can read up on the net. I just used a can of Whipped cream topping for this giant Twinkies. It comes with the injection applicator nozzle and is pressurized for easy application. Pick three spots on the top of the Twinkies cake to inject the whipping cream topping. You may have to probe a bit with the tip to enlarge the cavity where the filling goes. Like is says on the glue bottle, apply sparingly, whatever that means. When done, as like a real Twinkies, invert the entire cake so the molded part is now the top of the cake.

Voila, enjoy your giant Twinkies. Wrap it up in cellophane, pack it up in your lunch pail and take it to school to share as an afternoon snack.

Remember, after eating giant foods, be sure to brush with your giant toothbrush.



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mmmm twinkies!!

I'm not trying to take anything away from your instructable. It's actually a very well done step by step. I just wanted to throw in my two cents:
this is for a twinkie copy cat recipe that I have made before. It's really, really, close to the original. So, basically use what you've done with an actual recipe. I hope you take this as a compliment to your instructable.

Thanks, sounds about right 25 normal sized twinkies = 1 giant twinkie.

this is FREAKIN GENIOUS!!! Downloading!!

Ha! nice way to advertize for another Instructable. I have to try someday.

According to Homer Simpson; Twinkies are the only food that can survive nuclear fallout :P

 Probably because they don't expire; there's nothing real in them. It's like visiting a science lab and eating all of their chemical experiments.

That's actually not true. Due to them being baked they are expected to last around 25 days.

That and bugs. But I don't think bugs eat Twinkies.