Picture of Hot Air Ballon Teach Convection and Buoyancy

Today I will be showing you how to make a hot air ballon to teach your class about convection heat transfer and buoyancy. Before doing this activity with your class I recommend you explain to your class some basic info on the history of hot air balloons and some simple principals of how hot air rises.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
hair dryer.JPG

What you will need for you balloon is:

·         10 sheets of tissue paper

·         scissors

·        glue stick

·         hair dryer


·         paper

I think I made this one time! Awesome! Thanks for sharing :)
boomroast3 years ago
I jujst built this yesterday and it went super high vote for him in school contest
lemonie3 years ago
Hot-air balloons don't float because of convection, it's about buoyancy.

Convection moves hot air to the top of the balloon, pushing heavier cold air out. Reducing the density of air in balloon and increasing boyency. So it's quite correct to discuss convection.
It might be correct to discuss convection, but the balloons here are advised to be force-filled with a hair-dryer.
I notice the text has been updated to include buoyancy.

Fair comment :)