Hot Chili Hot Chocolate


Introduction: Hot Chili Hot Chocolate

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This is a real winter warmer... 

I like spicy stuff. I like hot chocolate. I like chili chocolate. 

But melting in chili chocolate ends up pretty underwhelming, adding hot chilies to the milk means having them on hand. 

Hot sauce you say?

Step 1: Zap the Milk...

Fire a cup of milk in the microwave for one and half to two minutes depending on your zappin' box.

Step 2: Add Chocolate and Sauce

I decided on the least complicated sauce, encona's hot pepper sauce.

I have a few sauces, I avoided Blair's Death sauce, it has crushed garlic. You want any sauce that burns your nose but doesn't smell pungent. 

I'm using green and blacks hot chocolate, the Maya Gold with spices works really well for this. You can also grate whatever chocolate you like...

A few drops does me, one usually gives a little kick three makes it spicey but nice and five to seven make it quite exciting...

Step 3: Zap Again

Zap for another thirty seconds and stir it like a disobedient cat... People stir cats, right?

Drink it, it'll warm you right up...



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    Wow thats rly nice dude. Well done!

    I've tried chili chocolate bars before (which I love) so I imagine as a drink it would really good too, I definitely will try!

    1 reply

    Good stuff, it's nice but just grating chili chocolate doesn't work the best for hot chocolate - guess the milk takes away the punch...

    I use a tiny bit of ground cayenne. Just a tiny amount usually does fine.

    1 reply

    Cool, for some reason I forget about caynne as a spice. I'll have to try it.

    It's so crazy it just might work!

    Brilliant! i must try this

    1 reply

    It's lovely, sauces that are peppers only, ie; not onion or garlic as well are best but chili powder could work too...