Hello everyone. I made these because I’ve seen chocolate dipped marshmallows on a stick in the candy stores and I wanted to make a version with a completely edible stick that holds the chocolate dipped marshmallow in a single serving size.

Ingredients I used:

1. Container of sweet stripes soft candies
2. One bag of chocolate chips
3. One bag of marshmallows
4. Chocolate dipped peppermint poles
5. Parchment paper

In addition to my ingredients I had these extras on hand:

1. Two half sheet baking pans
2. Two quart sauce pan
3. Food processor
4. Large mixing bowl
5. Small bowl
6. Spatula

Step 1: Crush the Candy Canes

Crush Candy Canes with food processor until the pieces are course and place in a small bowl. I didn’t have an exact amount so I just processed enough to cover the amount of marshmallows that I was going to be using.
These are great. Thank you

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