Hot Cocktail - Michelada - With Hot Sauce and Chili Powder





Introduction: Hot Cocktail - Michelada - With Hot Sauce and Chili Powder

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A very special drink for his "burning" taste. A mixture of bitter beer, hot sauce and lemon make this drink an excellent accompaniment to grilled meats. This drink is more from Mexican culture, but I like to drink it to (I'm from Colombia), but with some little less ingredients, keeping it simple and tasty.

Step 1: Ingredients

Michelada have few ingredients, mostly sauces like Hot Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce and others. I like to do it just with lemon and hot sauce, to keep it simple but good to go with grilled meats and fast foods.


  • Your preferred beer (But goes better with bitter beers)
  • Lemon (and lemon Juice)
  • Hot sauce
  • Chili Powder
  • Salt

Step 2: Mixing It

Moisten rim of glass with lemon. In a plate, mix a pinch of salt and chili powder, pass your glass over this mix to stick it over the edge. Add the hot sauce and lemon juice, at your taste. Finally pour the beer in the glass.

It's Done! Very simple, isn't?

As I said before, this drink goes well with grilled meats and fast foods, like my favorite recipe: Hot Dogs and Potatoes - Salchipapas



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    The Micheladas I've had in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco and Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point, Sonora are made with similar ingredients but include Clamato or sometimes either Tomato Juice or V8.

    In Guadalajara, it was Clamato and Valentina with beer. In Texas, it was more like this recipe with beer over ice with salt, lime and a bit of salsa picante.

    That's right, Micheladas are a tipical drink in Mexico and have several variations, the most common (and basic) is this one, with just hot sauce. They vary in the types of sauces that are added =)

    I guess that described here michelado is very tasty drink but I am afraid it is too harsh for the stomach. In Kazakhstan (formerly part of the Soviet Union) people do kind of national drink named ayran: 1/3 sour cream and 2/3 beer stir and drink - a mild and pleasant taste and no harm to the stomach)

    The fruit looks more like a lime than a lemon but I suppose either would work. A friend of mine used to drink beer with tomato juice. I would add some to this drink as well --> makes the beer go further :)

    That's true, is more a lime than a lemon, but in my country we are used to say just "lemon" to any acid fruit of that family. So, if you come to Colombia, never ask for a "lime" or you will get things like this:


    Thanks Mutazek; good to know.

    Bohemia, Negra Modelo, Indio are other suitable beers to use.

    One other suitable salsa to use is: Valentina

    As for the V8 and Clamatos - They have a less spicy taste and are often used in Mexico as a hang over cure LOL sort of like Bloody marys or "Vampiros"

    Ohh the Hangover... No one likes that! In Colombia the Refajo is used for pass a hangover too, and maybe tomorrow I will post a recipe for Changua, an egg soup very tasty from Bogota-Colombia, very common for a morning hangover =)