Picture of Hot Cross Bun Icecream Sandwiches
I initially got the idea for this easter dessert on here, but obviously I had to doctor around with the recipes involved. I didn't have an ice cream maker at hand, and still wanted a creamy and delicious icecream filling. 
I also dislike dried fruit in my ice cream, so I put the raisins in the cookie instead and came up with the cookie crumb icecream as filling. This also takes care of all the "waste" cookie cuttings.

Please leave yourself plenty of time to prepare this dessert - it's not a last minute recipe, but worth the extra effort. As a benefit, the effort just before plating up is very small, leaving you free to enjoy your sunday lunch.

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Step 1: Time Schedule

Picture of Time Schedule
Obviously there are many solutions to how this dessert can work out, and by all means, try starting it the night before with the help of a flash freezer, and three different alarm calls at 2am, 4am and 6am. However, the below schedule provides a starting point if you want to make the sandwiches in a stress-free manner and using standard home equipment.

2 days before serving: Prepare icecream custard. Chill overnight.
1 day before serving: Bake and trim cookies. Freeze icecream mix until solid.
min. 6h before serving (in the morning on the day of serving): Blend and mix icecream with cookie crumbs, refreeze
1 hour before serving: Assemble and trim sandwiches, refreeze for stability.
15 min before serving (optional step): Plate up the decorations.

canida3 years ago
Wow, those look delicious!
TangerineBadger (author)  canida3 years ago
Thank you! I think everyone really enjoyed them :-)