How to Make Hot Cross Buns





Introduction: How to Make Hot Cross Buns

Just in time for Easter! - here's how to make your own delicious traditional Hot Cross Buns.



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     ahh! it says the video was removed from Metacaf!

    Just popped them in the oven. First Instructables I've done all the way through. This is a great example of an amazing website. Well done guys. ( lets hope they taste good :-) )

    This presentation and information is top class - have a bun

    Thanks! (I like eating them split, toasted, buttered and filled with a slice of cheddar cheese, and some strawberry jam)

    I just made a batch, without the fruit,a nad using 50% wholegrain self-raising flour, very nice,
    they taste very good with some lemon juice on top!
    even the white stuff doesn't taste like the crappy store bought ones!
    yay _

    Good job. Mother used to make them like that for Easter when I was a kid. It's been a long time. I've never tried them. I'd just eat them all if I did. LOL.

    Great Video, loved it how simple it was (and the light change :P) mmmm yummy

    Mmm, nicely done. Hungry now! Any chance of posting the ingredients so the lazy amongst us can just print it rather than watching the video and scribbling frantically at the same time? ;)