Here's an Instructable that's sure to please on the picnic table whether you are young or old. All you need is your grill, some hot dogs, your favorite seasonings and a knife. Hot dogs are always tasty and delightful, but when they are prepared as Hot Dog People they are irresistible.

Step 1: So, Fire Up That Grill

Get it nice and hot.

Step 2: Grab Some Dogs

Hot dogs and a knife are all you need.

Step 3: Cut Them Like This

Follow this diagram, making cuts and scores with your knife.

Step 4: Put Them on the Grill

Oh, they are going to be so good! Season to taste.

Step 5: Cook Them Until They Are Done

They automatically cook to shape! With some frys and some beans they make the perfect meal!

That is so cute! I will have to try that sometime
<p>These are so weirdly cute! Love it!</p>

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