Hot Dog... With Your Name on It!


Introduction: Hot Dog... With Your Name on It!

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My cousin threw a party and was about to cook some weiners for the kids.  My uncle stepped up, Pulled out a pocket knife, and proceeded to cut the name of each kid in the dogs.
Great Idea....BUT with a CLEAN Xacto, You could flame a Ball Park for a hot party..... just n idea.



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    Got a hot-dog with a name on it, HOT DOG WITH A NAME!


    Cool!!!! This way no one can take yours. And you can prove it's yours. You have my vote

    Oh man. The only thing that would make a hot dog more delicious is having my name on it. (And no more leaving my hot dog unattended for a moment only to find that a friend has devoured it, thinking that it was up for grabs.)

    This is a fantastic idea! I'll be the kids were tickled pink.

    Who wouldn't love a personalized hot dog??? Nobody!!!!

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    onrust... you did enter this instuctable into the Scanpan Challenge, right?

    WHAT? I'm looking into it.

    MAN! That was easy... good looking out!

    I'll keep an eye on you. ;-)

    Best of Luck!!!!