My cousin threw a party and was about to cook some weiners for the kids.  My uncle stepped up, Pulled out a pocket knife, and proceeded to cut the name of each kid in the dogs.
Great Idea....BUT with a CLEAN Xacto, You could flame a Ball Park for a hot party..... just n idea.
Got a hot-dog with a name on it, HOT DOG WITH A NAME!
Cool!!!! This way no one can take yours. And you can prove it's yours. You have my vote
Clever! You get my vote!
Oh man. The only thing that would make a hot dog more delicious is having my name on it. (And no more leaving my hot dog unattended for a moment only to find that a friend has devoured it, thinking that it was up for grabs.)
This is a fantastic idea! I'll be the kids were tickled pink.<br><br>Who wouldn't love a personalized hot dog??? Nobody!!!!
onrust... you did enter this instuctable into the Scanpan Challenge, right?
WHAT? I'm looking into it.
MAN! That was easy... good looking out!
I'll keep an eye on you. ;-) <br><br>Best of Luck!!!!

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