Hot Dog and Baked Bean Soup





Introduction: Hot Dog and Baked Bean Soup

I got what turned into this recipe out of the newspaper many years ago.  I make I been making it from my head.  Its good on cold days when we have no hot dog buns.  

Step 1: Ingredents

The constants

1 package Hot Dogs
1 28oz Can Baked Beans
1 32oz Chicken Broth
3/4 cup Rice

Cut Ups

One large pepper
One Large Onion


Hot Sauce Your favorite flavor
franks, rooster, tabasco
Mustard yellow or golden
Barbecue sauce

Step 2: Slice and Dice

Cut Up

One large pepper
One Large Onion

Add these to the pot with some oil or a splash of the chicken stock to sweat the veggies. While they are sweating cut the dogs. Little smokies can be substituted. I used hot breakfast sausages once came out good spicy but good.

Step 3: One Pot What Could Go Wrong.

When the onions are transparent add the Hot Dogs, Baked Beans, Rice and Chicken Broth


Add a Squirt or there about of the Condiments


Taste and Adjust

Step 4: Serve

Serve with corn bread or chips

Comfort food



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    where's the rice. i see the bag and it says to add it. how much? going to make tomorrow, with changes. no rice(don't like).

    Oops, just fixed that. The rice thickens the soup so you might want to relpace it with small pasta and some corn starch

    Sounds good - I know a ton of people who would think this is the holy grail of food. :D

    Awesome recipe! Though you didn't use my favorite beans (Bushes) it still looks delicious!

    thanks, next ibble I use Bush beans