Introduction: Hot German Paprika Goulash Recipe


1000g ham goulash

1000ml vegetable broth

300g green paprika

100g silver onions

4 onions

2 spoons tomato paste

2 spoons mustard

1 spoon sambal oelek

salt, pepper & paprika

Step 1: Preparation

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.Cut the onions and the paprika in pieces. Fry the meat in a hot roaster till it looks good and then add the paprika & onions. Stir a few minutes and add tomato paste & the mustard. Give the silver onions in the roaster and stir a few minutes. Sprinkle salt, pepper & paprika to it and add the vegetable broth. Cover the roaster and let it simmer for about 2 hours.

Step 2: Finish

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Give sambal oelek to it and check if it need more salt, pepper or paprika. Let it simmer a few minutes and then it is ready to serv. Enjoy with rice, noodles, potatoes or?

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jessyratfink (author)2017-04-20

This looks fantastic! Saving this one to try later :)

That is nice...I hope you will!

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