Still glowing from my previous ginger juice experiments, I took the cold weather as an opportunity to spice up the winter-time favorite hot apple cider.

Step 1: Juice Apples and Ginger

Break out your Jack LaLanne power juicer and juice approximately 1/2 lbs of ginger root. You should get around 150 mL (more than half a cup) of juice. It is also possible to use a ginger grater to collect the ginger juice; it will simply take more time and effort. Here's a discussion.

Next, juice enough apples to make 1 liter of apple juice; probably around 8 large apples. Store-bought apple cider will also suffice for this, but you've got the juicer out, why not use it?
I'll definitely have to try this some time... maybe using nagutron's <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Apple-Cider/">apple cider</a>. I'll have to see if I can mix and match a few useful recipes, actually... they could come in handy.
&nbsp;How many oranges did you use? How much of each spice did you use?
All of my recent experiments with ginger flavored drinks (mostly searching for a palatable ginger ale) have ended in failure one way or another. I'll have to try this, to lift the spirits :P<br/><br/><hr/>Oh, and I wish I had such a nice camera to go fancy with a shallow depth of field :)<br/>
Ya know, I just made the candied ginger (easily findable here.) And the resulting syrup is amazing; probably a better result than the candied ginger itself. It's got to be the right starting point.
Careful research showed that all food pornography shots had super shallow depths, so I borrowed <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/member/numberandom/">numberandom's</a> camera and went to town.<br/>
That's what I've been reading too :P I also read that black plates go with anything.... we'll see, I'm not very tickled with how my first photos came out (but hey, it's just a sandwich :P). When I go home, I get to play with a Digital Rebel. It's a beautiful camera :)
i know this thread is old, but i wanted to put in my 2 cents for 2 things: a nikon is a great camera! i use a d-70 and i love it! with a speedlight, it makes for amazing food photography. also, juicers DO rock!!! i got this really neat one; made in france and used to be $400, but some rich dude bought it and used it for about 2 days then complained it made noise! so they sent it back and marked it down to $50! gotta love super rich people and their lovely pickiness ;-)
Ive got a different kind of juicer, I forget what its called, but juicers are awsome, I like your Ginger-spiced Apple Cider, Ginger is really good for you. When you use your juicer, is the pulp dry? the one I have isnt totally dry, and usually I re-juice it a few times. Ive seen the Jack blenders on a Infomercial. Thats where I first wanted a juicer
The pulp is moist, but I wouldn't re-juice it. The ginger pulp, however, is remarkably dry.
(expletives!) I passed-up the opportunity to buy a juicer because I din't think I'd use it. This is one I have to try. L
Yum, my wife got me hooked on hot apple cider and then kicked the habit herself, now i drink it alone. ~sniffle~
Be careful- the ginger juice is STRONG.

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