Picture of Hot Ginger-spiced Apple Cider
Still glowing from my previous ginger juice experiments, I took the cold weather as an opportunity to spice up the winter-time favorite hot apple cider.

Step 1: Juice apples and ginger

Picture of Juice apples and ginger
Break out your Jack LaLanne power juicer and juice approximately 1/2 lbs of ginger root. You should get around 150 mL (more than half a cup) of juice. It is also possible to use a ginger grater to collect the ginger juice; it will simply take more time and effort. Here's a discussion.

Next, juice enough apples to make 1 liter of apple juice; probably around 8 large apples. Store-bought apple cider will also suffice for this, but you've got the juicer out, why not use it?
timmycutts3 years ago
I'll definitely have to try this some time... maybe using nagutron's apple cider. I'll have to see if I can mix and match a few useful recipes, actually... they could come in handy.
Mr Williams5 years ago
 How many oranges did you use? How much of each spice did you use?
trebuchet038 years ago
All of my recent experiments with ginger flavored drinks (mostly searching for a palatable ginger ale) have ended in failure one way or another. I'll have to try this, to lift the spirits :P

Oh, and I wish I had such a nice camera to go fancy with a shallow depth of field :)
Ya know, I just made the candied ginger (easily findable here.) And the resulting syrup is amazing; probably a better result than the candied ginger itself. It's got to be the right starting point.
ewilhelm (author)  trebuchet038 years ago
Careful research showed that all food pornography shots had super shallow depths, so I borrowed numberandom's camera and went to town.
That's what I've been reading too :P I also read that black plates go with anything.... we'll see, I'm not very tickled with how my first photos came out (but hey, it's just a sandwich :P). When I go home, I get to play with a Digital Rebel. It's a beautiful camera :)
i know this thread is old, but i wanted to put in my 2 cents for 2 things: a nikon is a great camera! i use a d-70 and i love it! with a speedlight, it makes for amazing food photography. also, juicers DO rock!!! i got this really neat one; made in france and used to be $400, but some rich dude bought it and used it for about 2 days then complained it made noise! so they sent it back and marked it down to $50! gotta love super rich people and their lovely pickiness ;-)
barri_kid8 years ago
Ive got a different kind of juicer, I forget what its called, but juicers are awsome, I like your Ginger-spiced Apple Cider, Ginger is really good for you. When you use your juicer, is the pulp dry? the one I have isnt totally dry, and usually I re-juice it a few times. Ive seen the Jack blenders on a Infomercial. Thats where I first wanted a juicer
ewilhelm (author)  barri_kid8 years ago
The pulp is moist, but I wouldn't re-juice it. The ginger pulp, however, is remarkably dry.
lemonie8 years ago
(expletives!) I passed-up the opportunity to buy a juicer because I din't think I'd use it. This is one I have to try. L
Yum, my wife got me hooked on hot apple cider and then kicked the habit herself, now i drink it alone. ~sniffle~
canida8 years ago
Be careful- the ginger juice is STRONG.