Introduction: Hot Glue 3D Printing

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Although 3D printing is getting 'cheaper' it is still difficult to find a good printer for good money. Even when you find one, it most likely will come in kit form. However, I am going to show you a quick, cheap solution to this problem using an item that you can find in a cupboard at home. Furthermore, creating a good looking model is incredibly simple.

In this instructable, I am creating a basic tree shape as Halloween is approaching so if you stuck for ideas of what to make, think about the season.

Step 1: The Equipment You Need.

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As this project is incredibly simple there are only three items at maximum that you will need to create great looking, high quality model that you would be happy to display on any shelf. The basic items you need are listed below.

you will need:

1) A glue gun

2) A glue stick for the glue gun

3) A base to put your creation onto

4) A fan for quick cooling of your model (optional)

5) A pair of sharp scissors

Step 2: Set Up Your Area.

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First, put down your base and plug in your glue gun. At this time, select a model that you want to create. You could do this by finding an image online or you could create helpful little bits and bobs. This is crucial for a successful construction because you don't want to keep changing your idea as it could lead to inaccuracy.

Step 3: Get Started.

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Now you have your model you wish to create, start constructing it. You can do this by imagining a cross section of each part of your picture and print that. After that you build the next layer up until you finish your cool, tangible object. When printing, it is helpful to use forms. These can be anything from pens to lolly sticks to hold parts of you object up as you print to prevent them from falling over. Just remember don't touch the hot glue as it is extruded from the nozzle because you could get burnt!

Step 4: Tidy the Edges.

Now you have a glue gun creation, it is now time to finish it off. You will need your pair of scissors to cut of any long strands of glue to allow for a clean look. Now is also the time to peel off the forms as well. You could even paint your model which will finish it off nicely. This is one advantage over conventional 3D printing.

Step 5: Display It.

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Now we have a finished product, we can add it to a scene. With Halloween coming up, I decided to show it off with a shadow pumpkin and a spooky light. My tree I have created is very simple yet you can make whatever you want and put it in any setting you want. I hope this is a fun project to try and thank you for viewing.



Scott_1224 (author)2016-10-20

Let me guess... You subscribe to ElectroBOOM? XD

MakerMichaelB (author)2016-10-19

I like to use my soldering gun to shape hot glue creations after the glue has cooled. Sometimes I'll make custom soldering gun tips for making odd shapes or detail work in the glue. My fav materials for these is either 14g or 16g solid copper house wire or solid aluminum wire scavenged from excess mains power line.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-10-19

Hot glue guns are basically a 3D printing pen. And it is low temperature enough that you can manually reshape it afterwards.

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