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This idea came to me when I was putting trim on and refinishing my mom's staircase and was caulking the corners.I only used half a tube and didn't want to waste the rest. Earlier that day I was at the thrift store and found a beefy hot glue gun for a couple bucks. So I thought of using it to seal up the end of the tube.

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Step 1: Materials

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Materials are pretty simple.

  • Hot glue gun with glue stick
  • Opened caulking tube.

That's it.

Step 2: Gluing Up

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Just plug in the hot glue gun and wait for it to heat up.

Put a generous dab on the end of the caulking tube to cover the open hole.

Step 3: Finished

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Let it solidify and you're good to go.

It should pop right off when you're ready to use it again.

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Ehlers_TV (author)2016-02-11

...I always put a screw purely .... but good idea.

Ultra-Indigo (author)2016-02-11

those are very pretty pictures, nice nutral back drop and lighting. also a good tip if you remember to do it and not just reach for whatever will work. now tell me how to use part of a can of great stuff and not have the nosil and tube full of gunk.

pfred2 (author)2014-07-22

When you tube of caulk goes bad, and it will, you can use it as a sanding belt cleaner then.

LoMac (author)pfred22014-07-22

That's a great Idea! I have a dried one laying around. I'll have to cut it open and give it a try. Thanks for the tip.

pfred2 (author)LoMac2014-07-23

Leave it in the cardboard tube. It keeps the caulk together.

Abyssion37 (author)2014-07-23

I just stick a nail in the hole, but that's a good idea.

sleepyhhead (author)2014-07-23

Good caulk won't need this. The caulk in the tip will dry/cure causing the rest in the tube to be sealed up and fine for your next use. All you need to do when you're ready to use again is pull out the cured bit.

aaahotdog (author)sleepyhhead2014-07-23

Depends. Silicone type probably, latex seems to be the one that dries up. But you can use this tip on other things than just caulk.

aaahotdog (author)2014-07-21

Not to bust your bubble

Thanks for repeating it though.

LoMac (author)aaahotdog2014-07-21

Don't worry my bubble is intact. I always find it interesting when people come to the same conclusion when solving a problem. Maybe we are sole mates. Have you tried it without cleaning it out first? I've only used the hot glue technique once before.

aaahotdog (author)LoMac2014-07-22

I've cleaned it out. It makes a nice little plug and is pretty air tight. Caulk is just like it came out of the store yet. I guess great minds thinks alike :)

dushyantahuja (author)2014-07-21

Simple and elegant - never thought of this

TheLacedAngel_TSMP (author)2014-07-21

Wow, so simple, and so smart!

This is a great life hack!

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