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While I was falling asleep last night I got this great idea to use hot glue as a resist technique in a watercolor painting. Similar to batik, however, instead of hot wax I used hot glue and worked on paper, rather than fabric.

Step 1: Supplies

large sheet Arches paper (I think any paper would work)

Hot glue gun

glue sticks



water container

Step 2: Heat Up the Glue Gun

I plugged in the glue gun, waited for it to heat up and began to draw with the glue.

Step 3: Paint

When finished and the glue was cooled and set I began to paint.

Step 4: Finished

I really like how the little strings of glue that landed on the paper created its own deigns within my glue drawing.



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    Hi Susan,

    Love your picture...does the glue get removed? if so how?? I've done batik and you remove the wax after sections are done. Would love to hear from you.Thanks!

    I did not remove the glue however I suppose you could try I just might be worried that it would tear the paper
    Best Susan

    That is so unique and very,very pretty!!!

    Thank you so much! check out my cards on my site

    Congrats on making finalist! How was your sleep until now?Are you waiting for the big announcement? What prize would you like to receive? :D

    Thank You very much!!!
    This piece is 20"X24" but I bet you could do it smaller for cards...give it a try...I might as well!

    fab little work of art theres so much you can do with a glue gun every one should have one should try it with glitter glue sticks and enter the glitter comp to lol