While I was falling asleep last night I got this great idea to use hot glue as a resist technique in a watercolor painting. Similar to batik, however, instead of hot wax I used hot glue and worked on paper, rather than fabric.

Step 1: Supplies

large sheet Arches paper (I think any paper would work)

Hot glue gun

glue sticks



water container

Step 2: Heat Up the Glue Gun

I plugged in the glue gun, waited for it to heat up and began to draw with the glue.

Step 3: Paint

When finished and the glue was cooled and set I began to paint.

Step 4: Finished

I really like how the little strings of glue that landed on the paper created its own deigns within my glue drawing.

<p>Hi Susan,</p><p>Love your picture...does the glue get removed? if so how?? I've done batik and you remove the wax after sections are done. Would love to hear from you.Thanks! </p>
I did not remove the glue however I suppose you could try I just might be worried that it would tear the paper<br>Best Susan
<p>That is so unique and very,very pretty!!!</p>
<p>Thank you so much! check out my cards on my site</p><p>www.susancirigliano.com</p>
<p>Congrats on making finalist! How was your sleep until now?Are you waiting for the big announcement? What prize would you like to receive? :D</p>
Thank You very much!!! <br>This piece is 20&quot;X24&quot; but I bet you could do it smaller for cards...give it a try...I might as well!
<p>fab little work of art theres so much you can do with a glue gun every one should have one should try it with glitter glue sticks and enter the glitter comp to lol </p>
<p>totally agree!</p>
<p>omg, i am so trying this! thanks for the instructable!</p>
awesome!!! please send photos of your results!
<p>The photo was trippy, I thought you made a batik! The batik technique is very similar; the canvas is cloth, paints are special dyes, and outlines are drawn on first and outlined with nailpolish (with a fine point tip). The outcome is amazing! Congratulations on tricking me and making really nice art by the way :)</p>
Thank YOU!!!!!
<p>You are always AMAZING! LOVE your work!! Thank you for sharing!!</p>
Wooo hoooo thank you thank you!!!
<p>I absolutely adore this work. Congratulations. I have tried to be creative with glue before and it's very hard to use. Well done.</p>
Yay!!! Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun and was pretty happy with my results!!!
<p>This is so pretty plus so simple! Nice job!</p>
<p>Very nice Susan!</p>
Beautiful work. My wife was thinking of doing something like this.
<p>Interesting --kind of like a short hand version of batik!</p>
Yes Ashley, hot glue is to paper what hot wax is to fabric!
<p>Just beautiful. Wish I could see it framed. I began following you on this site because your projects are amazing, use simple materials and your directions are so easy to follow. Thank you.</p>
you are an artist
<p>This is a really neat effect. Nicely done!</p>
THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!<br>I had a lot of fun doing it!!!!

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